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Fresh and Spicy Foods The Best Culinary aroma of cooking smells up to my seat. I did not need wait to long time. Just a few minutes food was served on the tables. Everything is  spicy and delicious if you  food lover and love to hunting foods. You should try this place. Malaysian cuisine in Claypot Andak while visit Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Food lovers if you love to try a variety of dishes that are fresh and have a spicy flavor. I will recommendation nice place which full of food. Even the place is not luxury but the foods so special. More special if you dare yourself to try spicy foods.  The place  name is Claypot Asam Pedas "Andak". As  name waroeng, so  automatic food served as a special menu is asam pedas (spicy acid). Well, spicy acids that are placed in claypot and still boil look tempting to eat is not it?  

Three Options Menu of Spicy Acid

 Claypot Spicy Acid "Andak" presents three variants of spicy acid suitable for you lovers of cuisine that has a fresh taste and spicy. Not only because the place is placed in claypot but processed spicy acid is always fresh. You who like to eat fresh cuisine, this place is very recommendations really. Because claypot Andak Spicy Acid is made by order, which means new dishes cooked after ordered. So, you should wait about 10 minutes to enjoy the spicy acid cuisine. Well, I love fresh food which is cooked by order.

Well, in the menu list there are three choices of spicy acids namely fish sembilang, stingrays and  fat meat. Which is your favorite? If I prefer the meat because the sauce tastes sour. The acid concentrated in this spicy sauce makes an incredible sensation in my tongue. So, this is my champion. As for the spicy sauce of the fish was more concentrated than stingrays. That's because the fish that makes the sauce spicy acid becomes thick. The taste of the two fish are also different, all back to the matter of taste. Well, curious right?

Variants Fried Rice

Who does not like fried rice? Is it true? Fried rice is my favorite menu when I am broke, no money. Hihihi. it turns out in Claypot Andak also sell a variety of options fried rice but I love the three favorite options. Do you want to know? Let me tell you dear. Well, fried rice offered the fried rice pineapple. Eemm how does it taste  combination of sweet and sour pineapple processed into fried rice? Absolutely fantastic!

Then, there's also has belacan (fish paste condiment) fried rice. Wow, this one so steady with the red color from red chili which get process become belacan chili. The most my favorite of the fried rice that is fried rice made from green chilies and traditionally peppered and the super spicy flavor of green chilies is my best taste. Moreover, the combination of a tempting side dish, really steady to eaten in the afternoon while enjoy freshness drinks in Claypot Andak.

 Various Cold and Hot Drinks

The name is a food stall, not complete without the various menu choices cold and hot drinks. For the drink there are many choices to suit your taste. Do you want  hot and make eyes open? Do you want the fresh acids there are mango juice, ice selanggor and many other options that do not need to be mentioned one by one. Let, more curious and want to try a variety of drinks in this claypot Andak!

 Dessert Time

Dunno, what's this including dessert or not? Bread milo. Wow, fantastic, I love this one! The combination of crispy and sweet is perfect as a cover when dining at Claypot. Moreover, this milo bread really feels crispy and little wet in the same time. A combination of crispy and sweet coupled with the choice of chili sauce, beans and curry. Wow, a strange mixture for for Indonesians when reading this? But once tried, certainly do not want to stop to taste  it all. Moreover, the price is friendly in the bag.

Then, there is tofu. Well, know this is a good one. But unfortunately the lack of know this rather hard texture. Probably because of fear the contents in this know will be broken. Well, about sauce tofu burn this so perfect in my mouth, must perfect and  yummy also. Do not believe? Prove it by yourself. Want to create a map but do not understand the location of this area.

But, no worry, I will tell you the address, note please hehehe this claypot Andak in Klang while you are holiday in Malaysia, try to visit selangor and do not forget to try this food inClay Andak. Because there are many tempting menu choices. Holiday is not perfect if you are not taste the local food, am I right Because food never bored to try and explore during holiday. Happy holiday or summer my friends.

Claypot Asam Pedas "Andak" is located at TBG 97, Kuantan Village, 41300 Klang if you do not know the address and confused can call this number 03-3344 4192.

Overview info: The location of claypot spicy andak acid close to the village mosque kuantan and Klang week. The owner of this claypot is En. Olie is a member of Heavy Machine music group. So no wonder, at certain hours there will be music that entertain you who are enjoying the menu in this restaurant. The shape of the restaurant is very simple but the taste is amazing. From the hotel aliya Klang to Claypot Andak by using uber taxi only takes about 5-10 minutes. Depending on the level of congestion in Klang.

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