The Reason Feeling so Tired

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 Why I am feeling tired and How to FIX It? Sometimes as being human, we often feel tired. That's because we reduce hours of sleep and it make causing fatigue. Not at least because no balance on . So that our systems, we are compromised because of pain, stress, and lifestyle.

Many acupuncturist say their clients often complain they are constantly feeling tired. Sometimes the fatigue is closely related to the lack of hours of sleep. So no more hours left to sleep enough. Do you know an imbalance in the body can cause constant fatigue.

Do you want to know some common things that create an imbalance in our lives. Which can cause fatigue, lethargy, lack of energy and motivation, and fatigue. Well, two imbalances that cause fatigue namely:

  • 1. Energy Unbalanced or Weak
  • 2. Energy You Stuck

Well, they already know the cause why feel tired. Okay, let's briefly review the two points that causes prolonged fatigue. In fact, we had had enough to divide their time between rest and work.

Unbalanced energy or Weak

The explanation is simple truth we already know is when the systems in our bodies were disrupted by illness, stress or lifestyle. They can not generate positive energy in our body and mind. Though positive energy is needed for the proper functioning of the mind and body. Because a lot of different systems in the body that can produce feelings of fatigue when energy is weakened.

Therefore, when the lung is disturbed, we will often find it did not have enough energy to get through the day. Such fatigue is often improved when we sleep enough, keep clean and also arranged yan healthy diet. When the energy of our blood weakened, as a result of overwork, lack of sleep, wrong diet, and disease. Fatigue is very difficult to control. Thus, we will feel restless and have trouble sleeping even though we were very tired.

How to fix this? This type of fatigue can be improved by eating green vegetables and meats to maintain blood energy. Therefore, it is good also ventured to rest enough to recover from this type of fatigue. Changes in diet, and herbs can also help.

Stuck or Your energy  Stuck

Fatigue does not always come from the weakness in the body's energy. Sometimes fatigue derived from the energy is not moving properly. So that the smoothness of energy stepped up due to changes caused something like, illness, injury, trauma, stress, and other lifestyle choices. When our body's energy is not flowing the way it should, our bodies really need to exert more energy to keep us going well.

Well, this type of fatigue can be treated with exercise or move. Like going to the GYM. So when you exercise, this tired feeling will disappear. This fatigue can make us feel tired and are closely related to stress. Stress can be eliminated by doing sports.

Irregular eating patterns or a change in diet affect health and the body's energy. Therefore, change eating habits for the better instead of an unhealthy diet.



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