How to throw Dry Skin on Feet

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Dead Skin Makes Us not Confident  Do you ever look your ankle and see sights that we do not want see it, i.e, cracked heels and dead skin. It was due to lack of moisture that makes our skin peeled off and even had dead skin on that section. Moreover, if we use shoes that can cause heel becomes rough, itchy, flaky skin and thickened. That is making skin on the soles of the feet cracked.

The reason skin of the foot turns into dead skin is not only the skin on the soles of the feet less moisture but also can be said that we were wrong to use soap, bath water is too hot or cold weather and low humidity levels that can cause dead skin that forms on the toe and heel. Sometimes it can also be based on health conditions such as eczema, diabetes, and psoriasis can make the problem worse.
In addition, the causes of cracked heels and calluses can also be caused due stand for a long time on a hard floor, overweight, or wearing ill-fitting shoes can also cause skin the size of a broken leg.Hence it is very important to keep your feet healthy. Come, let us take care of our feet well. The trick, see ya kotacinta articles are chosen for you.

Pure coconut oil
Pure coconut oil can help treat and prevent chapped feet for its moisturizing properties. Coconut oil also contains antibacterial and antifungal compounds that can kill foot infections in general. One study said virgin coconut oil is a moisturizer that is very effective for treating the feet dry, rough, scaly, and itchy skin. In fact, another study also showed that coconut oil can destroy the bacteria that cause infections and provide relief to the skin.
To use coconut oil in order to soften the dead skin cells and get rid of the broken leg. We should apply the coconut oil directly to the affected area before going to bed. Massage using coconut oil to permeate the skin for 2 to 3 minutes to soften the skin and does not crack again. Then use socks. The next day in rinse thoroughly. Perform routine.

We can also add a few drops of lavender when trying to rub coconut oil on the feet. So that the scent of lavender can make us feel good night's sleep and the next day we'll find our feet already healthy again. No more broke and dead skin on the heel of the foot.

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