False Myths About Weight Loss

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Distinguish Fiction and the Real About Diet

Kotacinta.com- Every human ever get  process of losing weight. Even the wide range of information about diet has been done so that the weight can be decreased. Well, from a wide variety of information circulating. There is definitely a right (fact) and it is false (Myths). Therefore, let's look together  about myths about weight loss.

Myths 1 The only way to lose weight is to avoid carbohydrates.

Fact: Foods rich in carbohydrates, such as vegetables (including beans and peas), fruits and grains, are the basis of each of a healthy diet. If you avoid carbohydrates, fiber intake you will decrease.

Myths 2 No matter what you eat as long as you count calories.

Fact: What you eat does not matter. Counting calories encourage you to obsess quantity over quality. Finally, the quality of your diet will suffer and that it will get effect on your health. The key is to keep the number of calories needed by the body as fuel. Also, make sure enough sugar intake to the body, so the body will not shout for help because of insulin in the body decreases.

Myths 3 If you want to lose weight, you should be able to withstand hunger.

Fact: You might think that losing weight means skip meals and avoid snacks, and to feel hungry throughout the day. But that only leads to irritability, frustration and ultimately your diet quickly be over and you go back to the original weight and I bet your weight will get worse before you decided to diet.

Actually, the rules in the diet is NOT MISS TIME for EATING. Instead, eat a healthy snack every three to four hours during the day. It shall be a healthy snack for your option. So if you do not feel hungry then you can control your diet as well as and also You have better mood all day.

So don’t take mistake in the system diet. DIET indeed very important in maintaining their ideal body shape. Provided that do not just diet by your think. Do not just listen  your friends  before understanding the true meaning of DIET with good way and healthy. Because health depends on what we consume or eat each day.

Cheers and Keep spirit to   processes Your diet



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