7 Amazing Things Only Single People Can Enjoy

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Single Not the End of the World, but the New World

Kotacinta.com-  Are you still remember this song or not? “Nobody wants to be lonely, nobody wants to cry, My body's longing to hold you, So bad it hurts inside, Time is precious and it's slipping away. Yea, this lyrics are sang couple of beautiful woman and handsome man were said  “no one who wants to be lonely”. Is that true?

Kotacinta this time talking about the people who choose the status Single, with no gender differences, so are you man or female with status singles. Is that true, if some people choose for being single then we said to them, “Ouch, poor you being single.” While some opinions for those people who choose themselves being single but they instead feel happy. Well, this article discusses the seven things can only be done if you are Single.

We are fit and happy


Some married people are getting extra weight as a happy marriage commitment  by destroying their fitness program. Therefore, do not be surprised if we see the friend who had married their wedding –the age whole corn (6 months) Their bodies shaped have been turned into a fatty . One study says 25 percent of married men seem to be more at risk of weight gain, compared with the status SINGLE. Being fit means single status get a great piece of happiness. Because weight loss and fitness is maintained.

As Getting Lottery

Have we ever thought that does not have a stable relationship is a terrible thing? Scenario romance in a short time, in fact we will know more about the characters ourselves. We learn more about our character and stop worrying about trifles. We will be more relax and live as we please, really that is like getting a lottery.

 Enjoy more sleep

Single status means we do not need to adapt to our spouse odd sleeping habits. We could sleep relax and enjoy the freedom to sleep in our own bed. We can do anything without making a couple we feel disturbed because of what we do in bed.

Stop Thinking about Missed Opportunity

As a human being, when in a relationship, sometimes we wonder if this is Ms or Mr Right is right for us. We always think this is a permanent relationship? Now when we are single, we can keep all the anxiety and worry and concentrate on doing all the things we like to do without having to ask permission.

No Need to tell anyone
When in a relationship kept continuous telephone rang with the same question, "Where are You?” It threatens not only for our mental health, but also as a form of curse. Therefore, the cost of the phone is not cheap, the bill  every month will get rise the price.  Well, it also make concerns about payment of telephone bills because of trivia that all feared expensive. Being SINGLE, we do not need to be wonder and we can enjoy our time by ourselves.

Loneliness is not It Awful

First time when we have a partner, loneliness is a terrible thing. Once alone, we learned that loneliness is no longer as an ominous threat at all. We loved the solitude and enjoy life, and of course we do not forget the value of friendship and also dedicates more time for the important things and we also can  hang out with my friends, without worrying about whether we are going to partner jealous or anxious.

Enjoy all the extra time
As a single person of course we have a lot of time to dedicate careers and hobbies. No meeting of the parents who demanded our presence in the school and no relatives who like to disturb our life with various matters relating to the two families into one.

Well, everything is there are pluses and minuses, so you feel sad because in this day valentine and does not have a partner. No worry, because you can travel freely without feeling anxious about jealousy and negative things when you're in a relationship.

Cheers and be yourself and more love your self




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