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Wednesday, January 25, 2017 2 comments
Holidays in Jakarta Not Complete Without Monuments If you have plan to holiday in Jakarta, don’t forget to visit Monas. Monas is the pride of the capital, Jakarta. On my experience when I holiday in Jakarta, especially when visit Monas for the first, I visited around evening time. After visiting of Ragunan directly to the monument with a bus that ends at Monas.  

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Monas Square's location as being in the "middle" with a large field. Suitable to spend time relaxing or working out in the field Monas. Monas is right in front of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia, Jl Medan Merdeka Selatan, and around the grounds there are also many government buildings, Museum Gajah, the Istiqlal Mosque and Cathedral Catholic Church.

Because around Monas there are extensive grounds are open to the public. All visitors can enjoy the coolness of the plants, pond water and chirping birds are deliberately placed in the field. Well, one of my  favorite  is relax while enjoying snacks on the  park. Staring at visitors as other activities. That is so damn Fun and exciting. Honestly, many people around there to get exercises and also just wanna see the Monas.

There is available a bike rental place, hopefully until now there still exist. You can see, lately hawkers somewhat tightened in Jakarta. If the weekend, I usually like to spend leisure time here, really lively and exciting. Especially if there are fitted with tanjuk culinary festival. Well, a lot of variety  foods that can be tried for enjoying after exercise.

As the proverb says is not complete without seeing  Monas when holiday in Jakarta. Do not just clay  but try to just visit the monument and enjoy the evening at Monas Square that so damn exciting. Do not just enjoy Monas  field. No harm was also enjoying the feel of the top of Monas.  Monas is open to start operating at 8:00 pm - 15:00 every day, except Monday last week of each month. To enjoy it of course had to spend a quiet but not expensive. Because, at the top, You can be rented binoculars to see the sights around by paying Rp. 2,000 / coins. Definitely a fun and exciting is not it? If You've never been to court and Monas National Monument? What is the most You prefer?

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 Remember it when visiting public places, especially the field and carry "provision" or snacks. Enjoy evening with snack should not be left in the place you hang out. Also take home garbage or dumped in bins provided. Try to always maintain cleanliness. Because cleanliness start from oneself.

 Congratulations and enjoy Monas. Incomplete without a visit to Jakarta to capture the moment with a phone or a camera. Whatever the picture is a picture of perpetual and proving yourself to be remembered that the true You've come to the monument. Although, I do not really like selfie in public places. Still, one picture with background Monas remain neatly stored in the phone.

The warm greeting and keeping your personal hygiene and enjoy each time with family and friends in a beautiful place and fun. That so fun with family to go there and  enjoying a beautiful day.

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