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Know Balikpapan from Culinary & Shopping Tourism

Each region or city definitely has a hidden treasure but could enjoy it. What is that? Of course, that is not perfect to enjoy nature without try to taste the culinary tour. Moreover, Indonesia is rich in culinary tourism area, including the one the city of Balikpapan.

Based on the survey, the food was a lot of domestic and foreign travel asked when they travel to the city of Balikpapan is a sea food meal as crab. Emm  for those who are fond of eating the crab, it would not hurt to try the culinary delights of the town of Balikpapan with crabs of various spice concoction that seduced.
In addition to crabs, especially  reflecting culinary tourism in the city of Balikpapan's ? Aha, Pisang Gapit (pinchers bananas), sweet foods with herbs tempting. Why not try to eat the bananas were burnt and given a custard of brown sugar that tastes sweet and seductive.

Although you  does not have time to visit Banjarmasin, You still have time to enjoy the culinary from Banjarmasin. That is called  soto banjar. This menu, you can find in Balikpapan because some places sold this menu. Soto banjar, This is certainly different from the soup Java. Because each region has its own way of making dishes. Although a lot of names savory dishes ranging from soup Java, soto field, well, if you holiday in Balikpapan. Dont forget to try soto banjar.
Salome Balikpapan. What is that? Salome, it name is not familiar. But for residents of the Kota Cinta, since most fond of eating little Salome.  So this is a light snacks are usually sold by the vendor who was draped around and likes to hang out in front of schools, particularly elementary and junior high schools. Well, to answer the curiosity of what it was Salome? Salome is the  meatball snacks. Salome's just cheaper and material of manufacture is slightly different with meatballs.

Salome lovers also varied with several choices of condiments. The majority, Salome is stabbed in a stick or bamboo, kept dipped in sauces and ketchup. Later in the meal, yummy, while talking about this, making my childhood memory back.

Want to try more extreme culinary, Satey Crocodile. Eat a crocodile? How does it feel right? But do not worry, we can enjoy crocodile satay at affordable prices but could only to enjoy this menu at location crocodile farm. So, do you love to enjoy Balikpapan culinary

Actually there are many more culinary you can be tried, but the above is a recommendation that is worth the try while in the city of Balikpapan, in particular chicken porridge Balikpapan is near the old cinema, it seems delicious. Tasty and different, of course.

I am feeling hungry while talking about  food, want to know where to enjoy food while during visit to the city of Balikpapan, just look at the article yummy culinary o.k. Because it will be given a few places to eat that recommendation while  particular visit the city of Balikpapan.

Already satisfied enjoy culinary tour, why do not spend time with shopping, especially souvenirs and souvenirs typical of Balikpapan.   Where is the right place for hunting souvenirs and  snacks at Balikpapan city?  Because, we will continue the discussion here shopping time and fun ... I love shopping and souvenir hunting by myself and my special friends and partners.

#Pasar Kebun Sayur
 This Kebun Sayur Market is only the name of a place in the city of Balikpapan. Which is located near the  old town Balikpapan. This market is very spacious and clean so convenient for souvenir hunting.

Because, in this market  we can look for souvenirs typical of East Kalimantan. Souvenir that can be found in the Market Kebun Sayur is ranging from typical sarong Samarinda, amplang snacks of Kalimantan, Ukira-carved Dayak, rocks Martapura and also there-mat rattan mats, pegs the earth, and much more.

So, take some time for souvenir hunting in accordance budged, plus do not forget to bargain and find the location of a cheap place with the same quality. To reach this market Kebun Sayur, we can use Public Transport with yellow color and No. 5 or No. 6 blue to get to market Kebun Sayur.

# Snack Area Ahmad Yani
Amplang archipelago, located in the center of the city of Balikpapan, Balikpapan residents call the archipelago. Nusantara Cinema building once stood in this area. In the administration of the region included in Jalan Ahmad Yani. In this area the more dominant peddling groceries or snacks typical Balikpapan.
This area is not as full as in the market concentrated Instruction kebun sayur. A number of shop or store that sells typical food Balikpapan within the other stalls. To reach this area, tourists can use public transportation services colored numbered 3.

#Snack Stall Kuda
Stal Kuda is  area in Jalan Kota Balikpapan. Region snacks stal kuda were ahead Balikpapan Super Block (BSB) to the front of the State Police School (SPN) Balikpapan. Here sells a wide variety of snacks Balikpapan, almost equal to the area of ​​the archipelago.

Here lined home store or shop that provides meals and snacks typical of East Kalimantan, Balikpapan as amplang and various other snacks. In this area there is also a UKM Center, a shop that sells various products souvenirs typical of Balikpapan. To reach this area can use public transportation number 8 dark green. City transport is also only reachable from Balikpapan Permai terminal.

Note: amplang is typical food or snack Balikpapan similar crackers made from fish. Amplang shape like crackers. Fish is the main ingredient manufacture flat amplang. Fish flat itself is a kind of freshwater fish that used to be widely available Kalimantan waters. Many forms, some round elongated like a finger, there is also that resembles a tiger nails.

Well, typical food Balikpapan ranging from amplang, Gabin (biscuit) and many other things that are similar but different. Please enjoy and seek appropriate wishes and tastes. Because, this is only a recommendation based on experience during a visit to Balikpapan, never forget to always carry amplang and Gabin biscuits flavored milk, Emmmm yummy. So  love to eat them all. As for souvenirs, I bought more dominant made of beads, though heavy, but very beautiful and I still have one which I kept until today. Beaded purses for money nickels or documents such as passports, unique and characteristic dayak, aka East Kalimantan.

Greetings with hunger after writing specialties Balikpapan.


Citra Padiangan

#Quotes: Dare to try different ingredients and spices to enjoy and feel incomparable pleasure. From the eye, down to the stomach and feel the love of the culinary diversity of Indonesia. @citrapandiangan

#Quotes: Souvenir enrich the diversity of cultures in Indonesia, the Dayak with typical beads that formed the various functions add to the beauty of the craft to be proud. @citrapandiangan


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