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 5 Little Things Can Do with Couple Life is wonderful if we already find our soul mate, although the status still  dating or married. What ever the status, the important thing is how to keep love strong day by day. Because love can get lost if we can’t maintain with good way.  Life is not easy for everyone but each other maintain and uphold the commitment must be fun.

Well, in the beginning of 2017 I  want to tell somethings that sound a little bit romantic. I bet you are wonder! But I am not sure yet because you already guess this article from the title.  Couple  means more than one person that is both. Are there any activities or small things that can be done with a couple to keep harmony in love?

The answer is YES! Now, therefore you must read this one article. I hope you remain a happy couple until the time that separates you .. what can be done by couples? You can read this article to find out, of course.

POINT#1 Discussing the Story Every day when the day ends

Sometimes we forget that we already have someone who loves us. Especially when it comes home from work, feels tired, stress and another bad mood. However, that such bad thing could be lost. If you do this one, such as talking with a partner, couple, wife/husband.

You can discuss various issues of daily life you with your partner. Because, every day you (we) definitely have a different story that we spend much time at work.  It aims to build stronger relationships and promote to understanding among one another.

ADVICE: When you had a conversation with the couple's good, we had fresh advance (eg own bath) or unwind while chatting sipping hot chocolate or coffee.

POINT#2 Share Food 

Indeed, when reading the second point, I bet you said “Ah”. Sharing a meal or share food. Well, You think this just someone who do not have money but actually, the answe is NO! The little things in the sharing of food was like the action that you care than just only say the words that seem just a  seduction (do action and not only talk). The little things like sharing a cup of coffee and a slice of chocolate together is an act funny and at the same mutual respect when we're busy.

ADVICE: Sharing a meal like this can add a sense of caring and love one another. Therefore, there is no harm at all times to do that, have a drink in the same cup with a partner.

POINT#3 Encouraging One Another on Every Step

 Don’t thing something about physical lol, “push” your partner, but actually this point is mean to work together.  Each partner must remember that love is about supporting one another in passing each lasting life and always told them that YOU CAN DO IT! Mutually assisting each other.

POINT#4 Appreciate the Small Things Couple DO

 Do you know, sometimes  we less appreciate the little things that couples do. Though the couple we've tried in his’/her' busy day. So, be sure to appreciate the small thing that has /her been done for you. It made him/her’ feel happy. You also need to do the same thing on a couple, so do feedback to strengthen a relationship.

POINT#5 Cook Together so Lovely  

The kitchen is not just the dominant femininity, so men should also share in the affairs of the kitchen. Most simple example is the cook together. Of course, these actions can never be underestimated. Where, we have the same care for one another with one another. Cooking activities with your partner can also enhance your communication with your couple. While cooking, you can make silly and fun conversation. That is so amazing and lovely to make love more stronger every day.

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 Well, the above is an example of things that can be done with a couple. Make every day a wonderful moment for both of you. Because love must be  grow and blossom beautifully. As well as complementary.

Cheers and Be Lovely


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