How to Keep Friendship After Married

Saturday, December 17, 2016 1 comments
Married is not  Way Our Friendship End

 Each meeting will be separation. However, this does not apply for friendship. Although, you are starting a new relationship and decided to marriage. That is not mean you should lost your friendship between your friends. Although, your priorities may change or not in the future. Marriage means two bodies one soul. Moreover, if your marriage  blessed with children. Sure, your life started spinning  between the baby and the family.

With this a circulation which changes your life, so it could affect to your relationship with your friends.  In fact, your life between you and your partner. But, you are forget, marriage does not mean you don’t need friends.  Although You can not longer like before, hang out with friends. However, You still need friends. Don’t make it get wrong. While, you got trouble in the future then you need friend. You will disappointed while you heard they said “You just need friends while you got trouble.” It is hurt,  is it not? I am sure it is, so don’t be like that because they also hurt with your act.

So, what should you do about this issue? Actually, you can accommodate the interests of the couple, without sacrificing your friendship. Because, friends is like a second family  who offers love, support and encouragement.. Friend is a comfort zone where you could be yourself and not be judged for your actions. Since your marriage, friendships can still be braided with one another. Do you want to know,  how it will work? Do you want to know? I will love to shared about this way.

Identification Friend

With the passage of time, you learn a lot about people who you spent time together. Some have a pessimistic approach for life and tends to attract you down with them. Friends tend to offer a negative advice that can be toxic to you and your marriage. The best way to stay away from such people like this. Instead, identify the people who you can count and put in a list to keep them in your life. Therefore, a trusted friend brings a lot of positives in our lives and also help us to develop ourselves personally.

Create limits
No matter how long your friendship start  time by time, You should always set some limits to the level of commitment that you offer. It is important to make friends  understand that your priorities have changed after marriage. You may not spend much time with friends as before. However, you also have to show and let your friends know that they are also still meaningful for you.
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Making time
In the 1 x 24 hours a day and in a week 7 x 24, there must be a time that can be used to keep in touch. Although our time more to take care of the family, there is no harm in two weeks to meet with friends in the usual places you can hang out with them. Due to having a long-term friendship, You should try to maintain contact and make time for friends. Occasional phone calls or messages through social networking applications will help you keep in touch with them. It can help you revive good memories.

Sharing And Listen
Inevitably, Your life will change drastically after marriage. You might have a new experience to share with friends. But after You finished sharing your experiences, take time to listen to your friends as well as too. Do not interrupt and diverge when your friend is talking. Therefore, when a friend talked you interrupt an act rude and selfish and it can injure your friends. Not all your friends may have been married so they  do not have the same experience with you. They may not want to know everything that has happened with you. So do not raving about your children, in-laws, and other new things in your life. Better to discuss general topics where all your friends can contribute to the discussion with you.

Well, it is my tips that can give this sweet Friday. Do you still in touch with old friends? If, Me, I’m still know our friendship despite the distance separating the facilities with social media, telephone and internet, our communication is still running. Let’s, sharing secrets you maintain friendship with the left column of the comments regarding your experiences.

Cheers and Stay Happy


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