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My Memory When Enjoy Evening Time

Mid- year 2010, I returned to my hometown. After so long, I never visit  the city of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. At that time, I traveled with my mother. We enjoy our trip from Tanjungpinang - Jakarta - Balikpapan. When we arrived in Balikpapan, the clock is shown at 7:30 pm. That is  difference time between  Kalimantan and Tanjungpinang. Balikpapan hour faster one hour when compared in Java and Riau Islands .

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Once the landing plane, we immediately picked up our aunty, Mrs. Enny and grandchildren certainly my cute  niece, just called her Odi. After up to do, we were invited to dinner at one of the mall in the city of Balikpapan. Certainly, the mall is not in Balikapapan Centre. The first mall that had once stood in here. After eating to Solaria branch in Balikpapan. We went back home. We stay at the grandparents' home in Kilometer 2.

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Nuances in the area it has not changed, I mean the condition in this area has not changed so much while I was living this place years ago. Still traced memories that will never be forgotten. Because since the infant up to the age of 18 years old, I was born and raised in the same position. Only one is changed, the empty house had changed boardinghouse. The house that we always whisper "haunted house" only that have been converted into the form of boarding.  Finally my dream to visit my home town comes true.

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Balikpapan charm not only tourist beaches and forests, but also culinary. Certainly, we were the next day, we went  to enjoy sunset in Melawai shades. Late afternoon we arrive and soon awaits the sun shyly to fall asleep and was replaced a moon. It panorma fun, while enjoying culinary variety with a beautiful view. Who could not refuse! But when there, we did not eat heavy. Snacks are also quite tempting to eat. Before, we went to one restaurant near  Kemala Beach.

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Okay, that is a first piece of memories and experiences after a dozen years, I do not visit the city of Balikpapan. Nuance has changed compared to the previous. Members of Kota Cinta also has experience or memories while return to home town after long way you never step your foot back there? How is your feel while you go home to your home town?

Greetings missed from the city of love for the city of Balikpapan beloved

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