Dressing for a Professional Interview

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Your Dress Will Impress Interviewer

I am so lucky, since the first time attend an interview for a job, I never get wrong costume. Because, I am dressing with simple clothes as a professional Interview. Do you know, this day many styles and fashion to look pretty and amazing as a woman or man. But, please be aware while you choose to wear dress to attend an interview. Because, the first impress will get good value to us.

Why I said I am so damn lucky, because in my time the fashion is not much like this day. This time many brands, bright color, style and mode fashion will make us confused to wear which the good one to dressing as a professional. My friends called me old fashion, but this is make me safe with nature and simple clothes to wear as a professional hehehe.

Well, for those of you who just graduated from college and was about to attend a job interview or internship definitely wants to look perfect eh attractive as possible. Moreover, if it is a dream job. Sure, the appearance is the key to impress the company. Therefore, we assume that the appearance be a plus ratings. Besides written and oral interview.

How to get the impression that you are a potential candidate for companies that   interview you as some candidates. As the proverb of the eye down to the heart, a fitting appearance also gives a good first impression for us the prospective job applicants.

DO: Wear Blazer
If you are applying as an employee using the  BLAZER during the interview will give a good impression, as a professional person. Especially now, blazer  can be modified and are not always old models as combine with skirt.  Blazer can be combined with the pants and high heels and it will make you  look impress (impressive). No need to buy a famous designer brands for blazer. As long as the clothes are neat and free of stains. Why not! You can wear it as a professional person.

Well, already done about fashion, especially dress. Now, let’s talking about accessories. We are most pleased to add accessories to make our style look so damn elegant and exclusive, Don’t we? It is o.k wear accessories while attend an interview but  DO NOT choose the jewelery and accessories to big and much. Note this suggestion, to attend an interview, we do not need to look so glamour. So, choose accessories minimalist. For example, pearl earrings, a gold bracelet or simple brooch  to apply in blazer. Maybe you are wonder about necklace?  Am I right? For the first you can Skip it, You can wear it another time.

Clothes already O, K, accessories already get it. Now, what should we discuss for the next step? Aha. I see the BAG. Let’s talking about bag to wear it while  during the interview. It is better to carry a bag that can accommodate a resume, laptop or goods are required for the interview.

 Just like accessories, apply makeup is a nature and nut. Moreover, when we attended the first interview at the company, we should think about simple  accessories, including makeup. So, you should look classy but simple  not glamour.

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Do you already know about basic makeup must wear as a woman? Yups, moisturizer, mascara, lip balm or lipstick. Blusher and eye shadow  with natural colors or neutral. Do not forget, hair comb and make sure that you hair neat. Make sure all clean, including clothing, face, eyebrows and nails should also be seen net. Does not use nail polish with garish colors.

Well, that's all the tips I can tell, I hope the first impression You can bring good results. Is there a suggestion that needs to be added, let yuks share equally lucky.


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