Celebrate New Year Eve with Less Budged

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 1 comments

Get Fun Together with Family and Friends

Every body love goes to party or holiday to celebrate new year eve. Every body wants to celebrate every one year with special moment with family, big family, couple or friends. The problems are this year we already spend a lot of money. We can’t holiday while waiting new year eve. No worry, you still can celebrate it with different way without spend a lot of money.

I bet you will love to make little party with family and friends while waiting count time to get new year day in this day. Do you wonder how to celebrate new year eve without spend a lot of money? No need rent villa, you can make plan on your yard or just at home.  Let’s check this out to find my suggestion to celebrate new year eve without spend a lot of money and all your family will happy joint with you and make special moment together.

Movie and Dinner

Maybe you think it just simple way to spend time at home just eat dinner and watch movie. Why not! You can do that and who says it is not fun celebrate New Year's Eve with the dinner and watch movies at home. Actually, I prefer to do this, rather than go out with full of people on road, very crowded.  Do you know dinner at home while watching movies which we rent in a movie rental shop with Various types of films will add to the feel of the night more exciting.


Don’t feel sorry, if you invite some friends and ask them to bring some their favorite food to eat together. It is fun to get potluck together while waiting new year eve. Why you don’t go ask some your friends who don’t have any plan to celebrate new year eve this time. You tell them your plan and I bet they will love to spend time waiting new year eve with you To fill level when calculating the New Year's Eve, there is no harm in watching a movie together after dinner.

Create Game

Let making more exciting while waiting the time to say “Happy New Year”. You can make a game with  simple games to filling time together. Many examples games which exciting for every body. The game, of course should balance between adult and children. So every body get fun together.  Sure, a simple games turn of the year party more fun and exciting. Of course it will impress together.

Count Down Time with Unique Ways

Well, it never hurts you to count down towards mid night time more creatively. Definitely, the idea can come from anywhere. For example, solving the Baloons which amounted to 10 seconds before the 12 o'clock at night. You also can  make a parcel totaling 12 boxes and each person lined up to take one by one box as  count down the new year eve.

O.K this is just some idea you can use to  celebrate New Year's Eve with minimal cost but memorable. Wanna try? I do wanna try this time but just with a few member family at home




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