5 Tips to Keep Great Relationships

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Started  Relationship is Easy But Maintaining is Difficult

Having a good relationship while still in dating  even relationship between husband and wife  is very pleasant. However, a relationship that has been forged if not maintained properly will impact on failure. I will try to shared my experienced to keep  relationship with a partner. Actually I am not expert about relationship but it is amazing to shared.

Do you know a lot of  divorce cases, failed relationships make us feel hopeless. Actually, there are many tips that we can do to maintain a relationship. Well, I wanted to share my experience about this.

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 #1 Do the things you did in your first date
Time passes very quickly, sometimes we tend to feel that love for granted. We feel empty and even lost patience, tenderness and attention to our spouses. Well, do not let the little things make the relationship more hollow. Let's renew again, the reason why we chose him/her to be our partner and write back anything we've ever done as a couple in our first year of dating. Then, we repeat the moment to strengthen our relationship with our spouse.

#2 Ask for what you want
Over time, we assume that we know our spouse properly without the need to ask for what he/she wants. What happens when we make assumptions? We hope something quickly and when that is not like what we expectations in reality.  It will make our relationship are getting on trouble. So, there is no harm if we ask for what we want. For example, you wanted to spend some time this weekend just for you two. If you do not discuss with a partner, how  he/she knew about this? Of course not! Although it has been years married or in a relationship, they are not mind readers on your heart. So, express, ask what you want him/her to do for you.

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#3 Become an expert on your spouse
Have you think about what makes you feel happy couple physically and emotionally? It is better, if we know this to our mates. There is nothing wrong, if we become the first person  to make pay attention to our spouse. We showed him/her, how he/she was very important in our lives. Impressed, it seems we must always pay attention to their needs? Occasional specials make himself/herself would not hurt right? Because he/she must also be treated the same. Instilling first, certainly impact on mutual relations were happy.

#4 Do not ask "how is your day."
On a long day, we sometimes tend to check our partner's mental life and result in a bad relationship. In fact, the question we are mediocre, like "How was your day?" Generally, questions that boring will produce dull answers like, "Well, what about you?" Asked this  every day, it is very boring is not it? In fact, if he/she had a bad day, as if he/she was reminded of the incident this morning. So, it is better to change the question how is your day to be "What made you smile today?" Or "What makes you feel challenged today?" We will certainly get an interesting answer and make a day  wonderful with the happier couples.

 #5 Keep Sexy
Stop! Do not think negative first please, there are many still about the sexy way and do not necessarily orientation in bed only. The word "Sexy" does not necessarily refer to the activities in the bedroom, but also represent what makes you excited to partner in everyday life. Do you feel sexy if he/she helps you in the housework? Sexy talk is not necessarily using  sexy clothes, but the attitude that makes you feels sexy in the eyes of the couple.

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Thanks for reading this article and please give me comment if this tips useful in your relationship. Let’s shared and being happy couple in our life.


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