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Saturday, November 12, 2016 1 comments
Not Much Animal but Fun See the Green

Hi, do you ever go to the  zoo? Since,  I was  little, I never been to the zoo. Really, Don’t be sorry for it, but I just saw a crocodile a few  times in Balikpapan, precisely at the crocodile farm.  It was not so bad, right. Because in Balikpapan no zoo, just crocodile farm. I bet this farm still exist in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan (Borneo).

When I had an opportunity in Jakarta. I got two or three times went to Zoo.  Anyone know what that name? Absolutely, Ragunan. Ragunan Zoo is an area of 146 hectares and is reportedly home to more than 200 animals. But when I and friends come to the zoo in my first time, I just can be seen only elephant, antelope, birds, snakes, and monkeys. In fact, I'm curious wanna to see bears, tigers, and others but never found them. They were in hiding where? In fact, we did follow the user and instructor the way to go there, but we still never met lol. Perhaps due to the broad place so big till  146 Ha, so when choosing to walk this area we would  never met the animals and finally enjoy the shades of green of the trees, cool and fresh. Therefore, if you comes this place on week days, you will find a lot of a dating couple in places under trees  corner. Oops.

 If the weekend, more visitors than the animals in the zoo. Based on the experience I had while visiting two times on weekend, so do not get to see elephants freely. You see, a lot of visitors. It was no surprise to me because the cheap price of choice Jakarta people to spend a weekend in this Ragunan zoo.

Moreover, large trees that shade the main attraction for a picnic. You see, that's Jakarta traffic jams, pollution a lot. So that the green color of the trees are very helpful to eliminate situation of skyscrapers. Do you know, Ragunan Zoo was founded in 1864 with a tropical rain forest were really fresh and cool freely when entrance this Ragunan. Far from its name standstill. So, this is one of the preferred alternative Jakarta residents who have thin pockets, if pockets certainly they chose to World Fantasy Ancol area.

What can be do in this Ragunan Zoo?
There are several activities and performances that can be seen and enjoyed by visitors while at the Ragunan Zoo. As attractions are conducted on weekends and other major holidays. Among the attractions at the show or the Ragunan
Things to Do:
  • Take picture with Snake
  • Take pictures with giraffe
  • elephant riding
  • Horses riding
  • camel riding
  • And many others.

 You're not curious to enjoy a vacation in Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta? Come and travel enjoy forests and animals while strengthening relationships with family. Because while walking among green leafy trees, you can making conversation with a brother, sister, father, mother or friend.  

If you want to enjoy the zoo area as if their own. Do not come on a weekend. Come on weekdays (weekdays) guaranteed. Going astray because not many visitors but satisfied and comfortable. For those who do not like to interact with people. Dong definitely no difference comes in a regular day at the weekend. If a normal day, you can not enjoy riding elephants, horses, and so on because the show was only there on weekends and major holidays only. Although it is not a free ride elephants and horses, the price is reasonable to try riding animal.




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