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  The Collection Stories from Many Countries

Hello, how are you? I know it was not usually I ask your condition or I say Hi to you... Because I was hit by the flue and cough, it's almost a week. Hopefully, you do not sick like me. Many friends ask me how to teach children to love reading. Therefore, the culture of reading should start early.

To be honest, I  just like reading a book while I was teen. That's because the influence of some friends. I am honest,  so I will honest with you. My mama never applied to read a book from I was kid. Although since elementary school, mama already subscribed to the magazine as Bobo and Donald Duck, but only that. No guidance and especially motivation to love to read books. Based on that, I would love the shared rock tips for you

Book Reading Campaign should start from childhood. Not to regret in the future. Because the gates of the world child's imagination for intelligent and creative children starting from reading books. Reading has long been established as one of the most important tools of education. If a child can not read, the child can not learn ... so read is one of the first things we want to teach our children.

One of them of course give our children age-appropriate books. Simple story books with illustrations that would attract the interest add children to read. Therefore, I, personally tried to write books for children. The project is accidentally I found while browsing the auction script of children.

One publisher Indonesia need a script about children's books, especially stories abroad about the kingdom that is focused on the prince and princess. Fad try turned out to get the honor. Screenplay elected.

 The Collection Kids Stories from Many Countries

A collection of stories about the fairy tale story of princes and princesses from different countries, ranging from India, China, Vietnam, Greek, English, French, Norwegian, Italian, German, Danish, Swedish, Russian to Austria were very entertaining. In this collection are all full color book with illustrations or images created by Agus S. Number of stories in the book's Lullabies package totaling 36 stories. Wow, it very much, is not it?

Of course this book is very fitting for company child to learn  read and develop the imagination. In addition, there is a moral message implicit in each story. Around the country through interesting fairy tales together with the child. Develop imagination of the world to become more discerning and critical moral messages that are stored for each fairytale that exists.

Fill glimpse foreign picture story book in the package Lullabies published by Laksana Kids. You can imagine, suddenly princess from China and all the kingdom had mouth contact like the plague. So that no one is talking to each other. Embarrassed, when it comes to smell bad their mouth will speaking.

While in England, precisely in Scotland, there was a princess who does not have the force of gravity, due to the curse of the evil aunt. From infancy, Princess of Light is never cry, how to be the Princess of Light crying? Another  story from the Greek State, which on the whole kingdom  was asleep. There was also a handsome prince sleep. The prince will wake up if there a daughter who is willing to wait prince wake up for three months, three weeks, three days and three and a half hours without sleep?

While in Vietnam, there is a very beautiful princess who was very happy to take a walk to see beautiful scenery. Although many young king, prince asked her to be his wife, daughter felt it lacked flavor. One day the princess toured the country and see a poor boy? Can this young man make a princess falling in love? Does the king approve of their relationship?

While in the State of Norway, there was a princess who is being lied and the king making contest, if anyone can make the princess said, "That's a lie" will be used as a husband, let there not ya prince who managed to make the daughter said so.

There are many other interesting stories that can be read to children at bedtime. What are you waiting mother. Soon invite boys and girls to the nearest bookstore. Soon, buy books set Fairytale Lullaby Packages Abroad guaranteed, put the kids so much easier and at the same time implement the campaign early reading in children.


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