Ice Cream Giving Healthy and Happy

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Benefits Ice Cream For Health

We often hear our parents forbid  children eat ice cream? In fact, maybe you are also  afraid getting fat from eating ice cream? Actually, ice cream is  good for health! Don’t you believe it? Do you know eating ice cream, in addition to the sweet, cold and delicious. Surely, that is so amazing. Ice cream is one of my favorite dessert.  Apparently, the ice cream was not only sweet but also very good for health. Do not believe? Well, let us prove it together.

Ice cream Rich in Calcium
 Ice cream made from milk. Therefore, the ice cream is rich in calcium. Advantages of calcium so that bones get stronger and also add energy. Get healthy bones and tubh fit by eating ice cream, and even calcium of ice cream can also protect teeth. So, do not think twice before we eat a scoop of ice cream.

Increase Energy
In the ice cream also contained nutrients which can add energy. Therefore, the ice cream there is also a carbohydrate and protein which can help the body produce energy. Sstss, protein in ice cream really helps our body to build and repair muscle tissue.

Sources of Vitamins  
 Ice cream is a very rich source of vitamins A, D, K, B-6, B-12 and E. Of course, you definitely know what vitamins can do for the body, is not it? Vitamin A increases the health of vitamin A, improve the immune system; Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and other nutrients contained in the food we eat. Vitamin K improves blood flow, because it opens blood cells are blocked. Vitamin B12 increase memory. Ice cream contains niacin, thiamin, and riboflavin, vitamins that are needed by the body of vitamin B.

Ice cream can help reduce weight
Do Ice cream helps reduce weight? Is it true? How could it be? Because the ice cream cold may increase body temperature. Our bodies will work to warm our body when the cold food into the body. The process that adjusts the temperature that makes the body burn calories and fat. So eat ice cream can lose weight.

Reducing the risk of cancer
The content of calcium in the ice cream helps in reducing the chances of colon cancer. Calcium may protect people at high risk of developing polyps that can lead to colorectal or colon cancer.

Welcome to Happiness
 We certainly know that ice cream can make us happy and it's been proven. Ice cream can stimulate brain chemistry, Thrombotonin, also known as serotonin, which is responsible for assisting in the study and the mood of the overall well-being.

 When we eat ice cream, there is a natural mood booster and is responsible for the fun and excitement. When eating ice cream can make us happy. So do not be afraid, just do not eat ice cream excess.

Delicious ice cream has always been a different sensation.


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