Gonggong as Icon Tanjungpinang

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Branding Gonggong as a symbol of Tanjungpinang

I bet still many people outside there can’t know different between Tajungpinang and Pangkal Pinang.  I remembered the first once during a work interview on the phone. They, the HRD is often a misunderstanding between Pangkal Pinang and TanjungPinang. Sometimes, I understand. Because Tanjungpinang is not as famous as  Batam Island.
Let's find Tanjungpinang on Google MAP

Moreover, as the capital city of Riau Islands (Riau). Still there are some people who think Kepri is RIAU. In fact, they had been separated for a long time. The name certainly detrimental semilar Riau Islands (Kepulauan Kepri) in search systems in search engines such as google, bing, yahoo and so on. They think Kepri is riau.

Therefore, as a lover of this city, I support to contributed to  branding GONGGONG (howl) as icon or landmark  Tanjungpinang City. It just like Surabaya, which has the famous icon crocodile. In couplets, City Malay, Tanjungpinang choose Gonggong. It has many reason of course.

Gonggong (howl)
Sure, some readers of the City of Love (Kota Cinta website) is still confused with the word "howl" is not it? Gonggong was a kind of shell, means including seafood. This Gonggong (howl) is obtained in Riau Islands waters (SEA).
this is howl you can eat this as one of culinary in Tanjungpinang city, Bintan Island

Curious how this gonggong (howl)  taste? It's been confirmed savory and chewy. The way the food was unique with a pleasant sensation. Especially for seafood lovers. The way we take meat eating this gonggong (howl)   with a toothpick from the shell. After successfully punctured or caught toothpick, directly eat that, emmm so fun, right?

Many local and foreign tourists who love sea food, you shoukd try eat gonggong (howl) . The reason is, these foods contain high protein. In fact, the trust can help men growth hormone to increase stamina. Nutrition on gonggong (howl)   too high, do you know that, don’t you believe? Based on the source dinkesbabar.org "In 100 grams of gonggong (howl), there is a 4.1% carbohydrate plus nutritional value of 1.4 calories, protein nutritional value 31.19 124.8 calories, and 24.9% fat calories with nutritional value 224.1 . "

Gonggong building Tanjungpinang as LandMark
 Icon Tanjungpinang ie gonggong (howl)  building located in Waterfront Tanjungpinang, precisely in Laman Bunda. Gonggong building looks grand and luxurious with modern design. Almost like the outer skin of the animal gonggong (howl)  that lives in sea  Tanjungpinang.
Sssttss I had tickled when reading status Mayor Tanjungpinang City, Lis Darmansyah on his Facebook. "Whatever people say the building looks as snails, slugs, which obviously we designed it as a howl (GONGGONG)." That's how long the points of his status. Perhaps, some people see it (look) as slug or snail. Magnificent building which had just inaugurated on Saturday evening (October 29 2016) is clearly attracting millions of Tanjungpinang to see it.
Gonggong building at Tanjungpinang, this when launching the building, this is center information

Sparkling lights, thousands and even millions of people come to witness the inauguration Gonggong path makes it very traffict jams, jams more worse beat then New Year's Eve. Hopefully not just limited to a brief but Gonggong building it really works fine and up to tens and even hundreds of years, such as the icon of Surabaya.

one of gongong motif batik printing Tanjungpinang

Not only that, a few years ago, when Suryatati A Manan still serving as Mayor Tanjungpinang, Batik  Gonggong been patented as a typical city of Tanjungpinang. Let’s support our city become famous in the world. So, yes you are! You never holiday in Tanjungpinang, Bintan Island, take your planning to come here. I bet you will enjoy it! Because you will love what you have time to get run away from your routine.
this is gonggong as inspiration Tanjungpinang to get icon as the city of Tanjungpinang



Note: with my next article about lost in Tanjungpinang 



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