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Wednesday, November 23, 2016 3 comments
Without Nail Polish Remover, You can Clean Nail Polish

 Do you like to see your nail full of color with nail color? If you say YES then you are pretty woman as another woman in the world. Because, many women love to see the color on the nails. Because, nail polish will make our nail look so gorgeous. That is the way we to impressed beauty and fashionable.  I also like to use colored nail polish on the nails. Either go to a salon or use it themselves at home.

 The big problem is sometimes the nail polish should not be too long to be in the nail. In fact, when it broken it look so  bad. Nails look dirty and dull. Is that True  or not? What if Nail Polish Remover was already gone, we forgot to buy. While nail polish on the nails have been destroyed, it will look so  ugly and it was not what we expected to see.  

Relax, this time I want to share the secret of Nail Polish Remover without nail polish cleaners commercial, you can buy on the store.  Well, you are consider how it can be happened.... who knows, when you are  reading this article and your Nail Polish Remover finish and without a doubt you can used this tips.

#1 Vinegar and Lemon

 To remove nail polish from the nails without Nail Polish Remover which we usually  buy in store. It is very easy, you can use  vinegar and lemon juice. Don’t you believe it? If you do not believe it, try this tips. Take lemon juice and vinegar with the ratio of 50:50. Then, mix both the liquid in the container. Use a cotton ball and dip it in the mix. Before the lap on the nail,  better making cotton ball get press. 

Place a cotton ball on the nail for 10 seconds. Then, gently rub on the nail. Do you already know right, vinegar and lemon juice are acidic. So that it can eliminate the nail polish stuck when we rub with cotton. Repeat if necessary to remove all traces of nail polish.

Note: if you find that you've done the trick as above but the nail polish can not be lost as well. Soak nails in warm water for about ten minutes before trying to remove it.

  #2 Alcohol
Sure you have alcohol in the house. Well, alcohol can also be used Nail Polish Remover do you know? Because natural substances alcohol is not as hard as nail polish commercial. If you are suffering from any infection of the nail, then alcohol is the best thing you can use as an antibacterial. How, soak your nails in warm water for about five minutes. Dry with a clean towel. Now dip a cotton ball in alcohol. Then, apply the nail for easy remove nail polish. Repeat if necessary.
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#3 Deodorant

You do not the type to use alcohol at home? No need to worry, because surely you have deodorant at home. You can use a deodorant to clean nail polish stick. The trick, spray deodorant on a nail from close. Immediately, wipe with a cotton ball. Therefore, deodorants contain alcohol which can help remove nail polish.

Well, it is very easy not friends! No need to be upset or sad when nail polish exhausted. You can choose one of the above methods to clean the nail still attached. Ingenious ways to clean up the broken nail polish on the nails.

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