Being Success While Attend Job Interview

Saturday, November 19, 2016 4 comments
 4 Things to Look Confidence While Interview

I still remember  when getting a call for a job interview the first time. Still feels like yesterday. When attend as  a job seekers. I felt so damn nervous and happy in the same times.  Long time ago, it was very difficult to get information and tips how to be good while attend job interview. This is so different now. All of you are easy to get  amount of information on tips to be confidence while interview.  

I also wanna  share experience for prospective job seekers who just graduated from college. There are several things that need to be considered during the interview. Let's note to get a positive value when attending the interview to get a job. Certainly, making you more confident in living.

To Successful interview and get that dream job, we should be confident in the ability and pray for sure.

Confidence is the key to career success. Research shows that those who displays more confidence than competence admired, given a higher social status, and have more influence. But there are times when You may not feel confident, as when speaking on stage for an audience, have a conversation one-on-one with someone new or intimidating colleagues or participate in the meeting. In fact, You have the opportunity to exude confidence even when we do not feel confident.

Let’s focus on our  physical presence. You can use your body, even before saying a word, to demonstrate your confidence. You don’t believe it?

#Look into Their Eyes

When you are attend on interview. Don’t forget to make eye contact with them. Remember, do not look at your surrounding, including your phone. You should focus on them, it makes them feel important. Of course, the effect with you, They will respect you.  Don’t be nervous while you see into their eyes.  

 #Shake hands  
Reaching to initiate a handshake when meeting a colleague. You probably already bored with the discussion of this second point, but if you knows, it is important to know about shake hands  when you  meet people for the first time. A firm handshake shows the intention You say hello and then you should focused on them.

#Briefly touched on the shoulders  

 Demonstrate confidence and warmth at the same time with a short and mild. The trick is very simple, by touching the shoulders of others like You about to go for a handshake. Touch is power and if you done correctly. You can demonstrate to others confidence. Putting other people feel comfortable. President Obama also do this so  often too. The signal leadership by placing his hand on the shoulder as he met the other people.
This may seem very daring for some people, especially if You are younger or subordinate position. If You want to advance in your career, then You should start acting like a leader if you want to be a leader. A quick, gentle touch on the shoulder  You will look so damn confidence and leadership (which you can show at any career stage), do not attempt to exert dominance.

#Standing tall Position
If You stand up and speak in front of an audience or with an individual, does not rest on the podium, walls, or bars. Stand up straight. Means You want to show that You actively engaged and invested in the discussion and not just casual listening.

Well, the above is four points to show confidence. It is very important also done during the first interview is done. Demonstrate confidence, if You hesitate to do point number three, You can skip it. Remember, courage will come when we have the courage to take action and positive thinking.

Good luck job interview


  • Wahyu Widyaningrum said...

    Karena boso enggres, aku jadi inget interview pake bhs Inggris juga nih. Padhal bahasaku belepotan. Pokoknya paham apa yg ditanyain, aku jawab pake bhs yg amburadul. Nerangin mesin, nerangin kerja motor juga. Kok iso yo, heran juga kalo inget. Yg interview cakep, orang luar hihihi. Ampuhnya, hanya aku satu2nya yg lolos Mbak :)padahal yg lain jebolan les Inggris yg keren2. pengalaman nggak kulupa deh itu :D

  • Citra Pandiangan said...

    @ mbak Wahyu
    hehehe ya mbak, lantak aja mbak, pasti wonge ngerti koq..... ya, rejeki tuh gak kemana koq mbak. katanya seh gitu

    @ mas Yuli
    hahaha yang buat kacau hingga langit ketujuh toh mas?

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