The Signs We Need Break of Social Media

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Your life is not in Social Media

Who does not know social media? Every body know social media and it started  children who are still in primary school to adulthood. All already know what it SOSMED (Social Media) such as from facebook, instagram, pintrest, snap, and much more. Come on, admit, who do not have a social media?

I bet no one who does not have social media. Almost everyone has a social media that make life more colorful. Its seem like far friend become close, close become fast hahaha...  Sorry, occasionally joked before entering the extreme post.... Has social media and exist of course very pleasant. Moreover, if so viral. WOW ....

But, do not get obsessed with the use of social media. Well, let's see the signs that we are obsessed with social media:

  • => Each time write status in the social media such as twitter or facebook
  • => Always wanted to take a picture perfect for the little things in order to post on instagram, pintrest
  • => Take more time to produce a perfect image
  • => Take the time to cook in order to display an interesting meal
  • => Doing DIY to be shown in social media like Pinterest

That's partly a sign of the time we need break out of Social Media moment. In fact, one expert said, if we are too busy or are in a situation that must be perfect on instagram or Pinterest. In fact, any form of activity in the post at tweeps and facebook. Calm down girl / boys hehehe, it's time sosmed lid and enjoy the day without any thought to be posted on social media.

Having friends is fun. However, that does not mean sharing every detail of our lives in social media. Maybe there among us who share everything in Social Media. "Writing tweets about what you do when you're doing it, or feel the need to report your mind in real-time. It is a sign that the social media is taking over our lives, you know that.

Let's be honest, one day there are 24 hours in a day how much time we spend to share with our friends what we are doing hour by hour, the less time we have to find out for yourself why we enjoy these activities.

You know too much about the connection Friends

Wow, this is hard eh big warning sign for us should leave the or break a moment of Social Media. If you start to become compulsive about knowing the status of social media of friends. Let's be honest, the example you know the man who date with you. He is buying a car. That's because you always see the status on him sosmed / or you see the profile husband's best friend. Well, it's time for you to re-evaluate how much time we spend online.

Do you know, the social media world is very ironic, social media can keep the details of their friend's life, too much involvement can obscure the big picture and weaken our ability to understand our own lives. Ih, scary  hahaha our future more than expert know the happiness of the people then  own  happiness.

  One more thing, social media can also make us feel jealous, you know that. Jealous of the success of our friends, a romantic engagement party, and luxury holiday that we see in social media. It can evoke feelings of jealousy. Consciously or unconsciously. Because we spend too much time on social media, giving rise to negative feelings among women, increasing the number of one's anxiety to have every day, and even lead to broken friendships and relationships.

We feel anxious when it did not have access to telephone

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Do we check Facebook at traffic lights or when talking with friends at the dinner table? Do we write status in twitter when you wake up or before falling asleep? Do you do more  on social media, the less material you are really talking about with others. In fact, you also do not have much time to chat with relatives, friends and even family. Because we are too busy with the phone. The more time we spend in Medsos and it will make us lost in our own world.

How to take a step back
=> Start by setting aside specific time each day to use social media. "Humans have a schedule for exercise, work, eat, and sleep. So if one hour per day, at the same time every day, good enough for dinner, it was good enough to read the news. When we are posting status updates, limit yourself only discuss the story to life.

Restrict access to us. "Challenge ourselves to stay away from social media for a full week, or, if necessary remove the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook from your mobile phone for a week." What is our life for the better or worse? We may find that you feel very satisfied without social media in our lives.

Well, want to try?

Greetings break from Social Media if You already addicted really ...

Citra Pandiangan 


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