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Simple Cook for Sweet Food From Balikpapan

As a woman sometimes we should cook. Even we don’t like to doing something in the kitchen. But, cook is more fun when we do it with simple recipe. So, this is the first time give a recipe for special simple dessert for you.

Actually, this is just one of Kota Cinta experiment in the kitchen. I miss my child snack when I was kid. After schooling, I always spend money to buy pisang gapit (Banana pinchers). I don’t know make this sweet dessert so simple and easy. The original recipe, will update later, as soon as possible. The ingredients to cook this banana pinchers so easy, I guess every country in this world sell it.

So, no worry if you are stay in America, France, Mexico, Netherland or whatever. If you wanna try this sweet food as dessert. Just make it and enjoy it. Let’s cooking ladies and gentlemen


  • => Banana 
  • => 250 grams Coconut Milk 
  • => 200 grams of Palm sugar ( if in your country so expensive, you can change to brown sugar) 
  • => Cornstarch or corn flour to sufficiently (to thicken the custard; depend on you like) 
  • => Salt to taste 
  • => 2 glasses of mineral water 
  • => Butter for butter that does not make sticky banana at frying pan

How to Make Style Kota Cinta of Banana  pinchers

First we first prepare banana. Open banana from the skin, then pinchers it. You can pinchers banana whatever you like to do it. In my own way, I do like this, I put banana in center of plastic warp. Then I push till it pinchers.

After that, let’s we skip about banana pinchers. Let’s making custard. Boiled palm sugar with water, until sugar dissolves. After all sugar gone or become water. Enter  the coconut milk then the cornstarch (before we put the cornstarch, we put it in the glass or mug and give a little water. After mix cornstarch and water) Put it it in the saucepan.  Stir until  thickened with the small fire. Beware do not  get broken coconut milk. So, stir it without stoping until cook.

Custard is already, let’s continue about banana.  Prepare a non-stick frying pan, pinchers bananas. Then baked on a skillet that was smeared butter first. Back and forth until slightly charred banana. Depend on you, you like it to cook or just medium. 

Then, cut banana which already cooked. I love using scissors to cut it become small. Then,  pour the custard and bananas, add milo milk up the custard or you can change it with anything you like, for example chocolate chip, cheese, etc. Now, time for taste the delicious banana pinchers.

Note: This is unique culinary in Balikapan. If you have plan holiday at Balikapapan, Don’t forget to find this culinary.

Happy Cooking with KotaCinta

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  • no la said...

    Saya baru dengar nama makanan 'pisang gapit' dan setelah baca postingan ini kayaknya bikinnya nggak terlalu sulit.. Bikin makan pisang jadi enak ini sih.. :)

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