Hug is Simple but Has Big Value for Alive

Saturday, October 29, 2016 2 comments
Benefits Hugs for Us

Get used to hug! I know you are certainly confused when reading this first sentence. Relax, this time we will discuss about the benefits of a hug for me, you and them. If we look at the west, Europe,  they get used to hug. As for us, the people of Indonesia, we felt a bit strange and even uncomfortable. It is because our culture with them very different.

In fact, in some countries make services hug. Wow, cool huh! Why is it so important to hug each other? But, when you think it, when feeling sad and disappointed, when mama hugged us, it feel safe and peaceful.
Hug, people we love will make us keep joy and happiness. Because with a hug, we can deliver a lot of things without speaking. If done sincerely. Therefore, we can convey love and joy to people in a way that can never be explained in words of our own. No need to lie to ourselves, we felt all our burdens light when it is in a hug, anxiety replaced by a feeling of happiness and confidence.

Do you know why this is happening while we hug each other? Have you wondered what happens to ourselves, when we hug someone? You want to know the benefits of a hug for us?

Reduces  Worry with HUG

I bet some of us ever read journal  Psychological Science revealed that hugging and touching reduce worry. One of study discovered hugging an object like a doll as teddy bear, it also can soothe us from the fears. So it simple way to hung a person you love to get feelings  happiness and joy.  Hug can make the brain release serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, which trigger feelings of happiness and joy.

So do not be surprised with a hug, can reduce levels of stress hormones, by changing the perception of the brain, and to evoke positive emotions. Do not worry, embrace and live long!

HUG is Making You Confidence 
 You know, a hug can make us confident and friendly. Because with hugs help strengthen our bonds and can open the gate and the depths of our minds. This can help in building trust between the people and can make us open our hearts to each. Hugs can cause profound changes in ourselves.

The body relaxes with HUG
Do you know, Hug can make our body relaxes because  our muscles become  relax, releasing tension in the body.   Hugging and being hugged someone actually cause a sense of caring and relax. Hug someone to wash away the cares of the day!

Relieves Pain
Hugging releases endorphins that make it reduced pain by blocking pain pathways. Therefore, when a sick friend, family or couple. Give a hug because it makes them stronger and relieve pain. When you are in pain, reach out for a hug!

Enhance Empathy and Understanding
The new idea, with a hug can cause a sense of empathy with others. And to build trust between people in different ways. Without saying the words. Hug someone if it is to provide support and open your heart to them.

Relieves Depression
 If you see your family or someone you loved  are experiencing depression. Relieve depression with warm hugs. Because hug can increase the production of dopamine in our brains. So embrace or HUG it means a lot, when we see people, friends were depression. Give a hug to give them the spirit and relieve depression.

HUG Lifting Mood
Hugging can increase the production of serotonin from the brain that improves mood. And can improve self-esteem. A person suffering from depression and loneliness when their serotonin levels are low. By embracing causes the brain to release serotonin and endorphins into the blood vessels to create pleasure and negate sadness. Hugging also result in improved performance in the workplace and in schools. So, do not let anger when the couple was sad but embrace it.

HUG Relieves Stress
Hugging relieve stress by reducing the circulating levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the blood. This causes the mind to quiet. This helps in lowering cortisol induced hyperglycemia and diabetes. When a husband or a new wife home from work, greeted with warm hugs.



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