Holiday to Balikpapan in The Beaches Time

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Know Balikpapan from tourist attraction

Holidays are a fun thing to do, especially if you have a budget for around Indonesia and the world. This time, Kota Cinta want to share a vacation worth it to visit when You travel to the city of Balikpapan. Adventure in the oil city is not always "see" the oil tanks were decades in several locations.

Getting to know the city of Balikpapan from the tourist attraction, of course, very exciting. Moreover viewed directly, into an unforgettable adventure experience. Here it is, some of the tourist spots that you can enjoy during a holiday in the city of Balikpapan. Happy reading in the Kota Cinta.

Beach Tourism attraction
The beach is incredibly beautiful and fun. Seeing the blue sea that merges with the blue sky, such as borderless and soothe the weary soul. Refreshed by the waves and the cold and salty sea water touching feet. Grains of sand beach has various differences. In the city of Balikpapan there are several locations for beach travel to enjoy it, namely:

1. The Manggar
The beach is the beach Grab manggar Balipapan city residents. Manggar beach is located 9 km to the east when through Sepinggan Airport or 22 km from the city center of Balikpapan. Location The Manggar the country has about 13,000 square meters, therefore this location to be the pride of the city of Balikpapan for recreation with family.

Actually, this beach name as not  Manggar beach but Segarasari Beaceh but local people more comfortable said  manggar beach. The beach location is located in the Village manggar and Barnacle, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Definitely blue sea water and white sand. While the waves on the beach is not too big. Making it suitable to be used as a place to swim with the family.

This coastal location manggar many trees, such as pine trees. So it is very shady to spread the mat with the family. While enjoy sights and eat lunch brought from home. While migrants, can also relax in the lodges and buy food sold at tourist sites manggar beach.

Rental facilities was increased, not only tires for swimming. Now there is also a kite, jet ski, banana boat and much more. So vacation at the manggar beach will impress and delight. Both the holidays alone or in groups.

How to get there: Rent a car or use public transport, the number 7. From Terminal BP, find public transportation and have lowered the number 7 on the  manggar beach. The admission price around Rp5,000, -

Note: The entrance is located on the beach front of the headquarters " 600 RAIDER". The beach is located about 500 meters from the highway and can be reached by walking or riding a motorcycle taxi.

2.  Lamaru Beach
Lamaru beach is not far from the manggar beach. The beach is also a place of tourist beaches in the city of Balikpapan. Just like its neighbor, the beach is very friendly for those who want to enjoy holiday on the coast. Conditions Lamaru beach sand is flat and not much coral reefs. Although at low tide, we can still walk on the beach sand that just into the sea again. Stretch of sand beach is very wide Lamaru the 2 kilometer stretches of sand beaches are beautiful and can be used as a playground.

Near the beach there are also shady trees underneath which is usually used by the seller to provide a resting place. Things are different at the Lamaru beach  this is their boat in the bike and pedal as a means to play in the water. This is not out of it surf beach and calm waters around Lamaru Beach.

How to get there: Rent a car or use public transport, the number 7. From Terminal BP, find public transportation and have lowered the number 7 on the  manggar beach. The admission price around Rp10.000, -

Note: Tell the driver if the destination is Lamaru Beach. After descending, the gate to the beach is on the right road. From there we still have to walk about 500 meters to reach the  Lamaru beach.

3.  Kemala beach
Tourist attractions Kemala beach is located on the General Sudirman which is one Balikapapan city center. The beach is somewhat unique, because it is managed by Police in Balikpapan. Plus Kemala Beach is a beach with an urban feel. Therefore,  Kemala beach is located behind the office buildings along the way General Sudirman.

Nevertheless, Kemala beach sand is white and clean. As well as many cottege who rents a place to rest and relax at an affordable price. Kemala beach also offers water play facilities such as sky, banana boat and flying fox.

In addition to presenting a very beautiful panorama of the beach, in the area of ​​tourist attractions Kemala Beach also has various restaurants that serve a variety of foods, while enjoying the scenery on the Kemala beach. In fact, the sea water is very safe  Kemala beach for safety, because the surf  Kemala beach  was very good and friendly.

How to get there: Rent a car or use public transport, public transportation No. 6 is a dark blue color. From Terminal Peace and down in the Police. The distance from the terminal to the  Kemala beach range of about 20 minutes. The price of admission to the  Kemala beach  IDR 5,000, - per head.

4.  Melawai Beach
 Melawai Beach, located not far from the beach Kemala. Although the location of the two sites is not far, but it was very different. If the  Kemala Beach  seem luxurious with modern resto lined its banks. while at the  Melawai Beach, we can enjoy the culinary at a very affordable price. Melawai beach is very suitable for enjoying afternoon and see the sunset. There are plenty of food vendors around the beach. The menu offered a variety ranging from meatballs, pecel catfish, coconut ice and many more local specialties. This location is widely used for the local community to enjoy  the afternoon, because the beach is located along Jalan Sudirman. From this beach visitors can also see two other small island called  Babi Island and Tukung Island. Babi Island can be visited during low tide and locals usually fishing near the island.

How to get there: Rent a car or use public transport, public transportation No. 6 is in dark blue or minivans number 3. From the Terminal Peace and down in Melawai Beach. Admission: FREE.

Please visit again next week to discuss the second places, namely forest tourism in the city of Balikpapan. The beach is a place where,  you and I can enjoy time together, seeing the beauty of the picture of the hand of the God creator, fresh weary soul and restore the meaning of life.

Warm and loving greetings


Citra Pandiangan

#Quotes: Adventure is enjoy life, from little things and be thankful that there's still breath to enjoy sand and the waves of the world amid a bustle of activity. @citrapandiangan


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