Diarrhea on Vacation? It sucks!

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Enjoy Local Culinary without Diarrhea

Vacation is fun but that is certainly not unpleasant if diarrhea. Several years ago, when I was enjoying holiday alone. Accidentally met two men from France while in Surabaya City. Then, we exchanged phone numbers, my planning after holiday in Surabaya while continue to Lombok then Bali. They also have plan to go to Bali after a couple of days enjoy Surabaya. Yes, there is no harm in giving a cell phone number on them. Yes, who knows maybe we can meet in the other city with new friends on the trip.

It turns out, we met again in Bali. We do not unexpectedly  stay in the same location. Although the difference a couple of blocks away. Finally, during the next few days, I joined them. We enjoyed the feel of Bali and the yummy culinary variety. I've been warned them not to eat food too spicy, because surely Indonesian-style food is different from western-style food. Correct! Until, one of them suffer from diarrhea. Pity of them. I recommend to buy medicine for diarrhea, but he rejected it on the grounds, Indonesia medication does not work and is harmful to the body of the Caucasians. They call Bali Belly, is mean ill due to food in Bali.

Well, because I'm busy with my plan while in Bali. Finally, two days we did not meet. I am enjoying my holiday alone, of course. I enjoyed a walk alone sometimes is needed. Silence and fun hahaha. One night, one of his friends  send me text message and inquire about medication what is good and safe to eat for his friend. Because he was no longer hold sick stomach churned. Finally, I feel sorry and go to the drugstore and pick Entrostop drug. After buying, I stopped by the hotel where they stay.

Initially, the Caucasians have one reluctant to take medication. Afraid of antibiotics contain  in the drug content and blah-blah and he also imagine it will going increasingly his sick stomach. I am trying to explain like the  drug Expert hahaha. Basically I have a sensitive stomach if I’ve been eat foods as not so damn clean, I also susceptible to diarrhea. If at home, Mom always made from turmeric and also guava leaves as diarrhea medication traditional. If it is not available then the choice fell on Entrostop drugs.

Do you want to know what I said? Emmm, O.K I will tell you then hehehe.  I Said to my friend  (the Caucasians) who got diarrhea? (Poor of him, right). "Its a save, this is Contain capsules of the herb from guava leaves." Finally, he tried to drink the medicine. Actually, I am getting pity of him because when I see his face, the face is getting more white face (read: pale) due to diarrhea. In addition to this disease does not seem elite, but it is very dangerous because the body can dehydrate plus limp limp. Plus the incredible pain, diarrhea holiday that would be spent in the room, LOSS! It sucks and tortured endlessly.

When I told them that this drug from guava leaves and some things, no antibiotics, SAFE consumed. Therefore these drugs can be purchased at the apotek or supermarket. Initially, they read it but because they do not understand. Finally, because it is not strong anymore and tired, my new friend was taking Entrostop. It is not immediately recovered, all need a process at least within two hours ahead. His stomach has been somewhat improved and he was grateful because they saw me. Eh,  no that is not true. Because there is Entrostop if not, he will get pain all day and day, and it will shorten his vacation, maybe. In fact, their plan will be further after  Indonesia to other countries. Fortunately there Entrostop and diarrhea was clogged.

Do you  has  experience about diarrhea while on vacation? It must be very annoying, right. Diarrhea that is easily affected and also the "contagious" Therefore, try to buy food in a clean, wash hands with soap, and do not eat foods that are too spicy. Lest they enjoy spicy sensation that excess vacation even bothered with diarrhea that comes on suddenly.

How to prevent diarrhea on holiday vacation, in order to keep up and not bother with diarrhea. It's  though seem trivial nonetheless important. Like sometimes even forgets to do when on holiday:

=> Wash hands before eating.
=> Steer clear of foods that cleanliness is questionable and do not drink the tap water.
=> Remember, do not let the food left under exposure to sunlight or room temperature.

 Okay, that is my experience in dealing with diarrhea problem when on  vacation.

Greetings healthy and still maintain personal hygiene in order to keep the holiday fun


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