7 Easy Ways to Make Skin Glow

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Easy Tips to be Healthy Skin Glow

The skin is the most important part to look healthy, beautiful and youthful. Who does not want her skin look healthy and beautiful although age has increased. For women, the skin is the mirror of health, beauty and makes us confident. Is not it?

Therefore everyone has different ways to skin shine, both age 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's all the woman is always working so not visible wrinkles on the skin of them, either on the neck, hands, feet, face especially. Every effort is made for the arrival prevented or wrinkles faster. This time kotacinta.com try to provide tips that have been and are still carried me to always pay attention and maintain healthy skin. Let us try together to keep skin glowing.

7. Using Sunscreen

Perhaps, you've listened  it to thousands and even a million times about using sunscreen. But we are announcing, that using sunscreen can protact our skin from wrinkles. Why so? Therefore, sun exposure causes wrinkles based presentation is ninety percent. WOW, I just knew.

Therefore, sunscreen actually protects our skin from premature wrinkles caused by sun exposure. Certainly the use of sunscreen is much easier to use. When compared with a improve skin wrinkles caused by sun exposure. To choose a sunscreen, choose a formula that offers broad spectrum protection to guard against UVA rays (which cause premature aging) and UVB (one of the main causes of skin cancer). So, not all sunscreens can be used.

6. Cleaning Brush Makeup

Based on research in the UK, 72 percent of women never washing brush or sponge them. Though brushes and sponges used is a gathering place for bacteria and dirt that can cause acne. Therefore, we should diligently wash the brushes and sponge powder at least two to three weeks. Sstsss words from Jessica Wu, a dermatologist based in LA and author of Feed Your Face. An easy way to clean brushes and sponges is to mix a few drops of facial cleanser or shampoo into the warm water that had been prepared in the cup. Then, wash brushes and sponges us. Then, rinse with warm water and dry in a flat and exposed to sunlight.

5. Cleaning SMARTPHONE

Why smarthphone cleaning can make your skin glow? According to a study at Stanford University, iPhone or smarthpone we are never separated from our hands. Even when we're in a public restroom or in the open. This causes smarthpone be a virus or bacteria. For example, when we're selfie with friends and friends held the phone screen to see the results. Touch screen phone and then we received a phone call. Of course, how many bacteria are already attached to the screen of our phone?

Moreover, we rarely left our cell phones. When using public toilets, we use mobile phones. Dong could be imagined? How to display the phone's cheek and jaw every time it receives a phone call. Because the phones were dirty unwittingly causing spots and irritation to the face. To keep the phone and face free of bacteria, antibacterial wipe the phone screen with a couple of times a day.

4. Do not ignore the parts Neck and Chest
Let's be honest, sometimes we prefer to ignore the neck and chest while doing skin care. Sometimes, we just cleaned up the chin only. While the neck and chest "abandoned" by the board. Then, when we realized it was too late, neck and chest suddenly become sagging, wrinkles and even there are black spots (see also: gymnastics neck), oh NO ..... they were revenge for not considered.

Do you know if skin in this blood thinner and does not have a blood supply strong, and sometimes we like to forget to use sunscreen. So they are more easily exposed to sunlight which can cause irritation and lead to the beginning of the neck and chest so sagging, wrinkles and black spots.

3. Clean MAKEUP before SLEEP

Do you know leaving the makeup means leaving dirt on the skin. Not only clog pores but can also cause excessive dryness and even damage the skin. Therefore, most of the chemical makeup containing molecules such as yeast can grow overnight. It was revealed Mss. Macrene Alexiades, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine.

Well, do not want dong damaged facial skin. Because we are lazy or forget to remove makeup that we have used. When cleaning your face, do not forget to thoroughly remove eye makeup is also yes.

2. Compress Soybean Milk Powder with Low Fat

Take a bit of soy milk from the fridge. Use to compress the eye to reduce swelling and red eyes even. Because soy protein moisturize the skin to soften the skin and reduce eyes. The cool temperature helps shrink the swelling and constricts blood vessels to make the eyes are no longer red or reduce red eyes. It is very easy to make a soothing compress redness - pain relievers, pour a small amount of soy milk in a bowl, put two cotton balls and squeeze out the excess. Then hold cotton balls over your eyes (or any other area where you have red or skin irritation) for five minutes.

1. Use Sunglass

You do not like to wear sunglasses? Well, it's time you buy sunglasses. For the use of sunglasses can provide more protection. Thus reducing wrinkles and aging of sunscreen. As for our eyes are equipped to handle the sunshine, the area around the eyes is composed of a thin skin, where most of the signs of aging are often seen on the eye. Every time we screwed up eyes karean bright light, it could create a line of repetitive motion or cause wrinkles. "To keep the wrinkles away, opting to use polarized glasses are quite wide and full that cover the eye area.”


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