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Single is not The End World

Sometimes we never expected what live come to us. Suddenly, we realize time so fast but we still take easy with the time gone. When we look around us, our friends actually already married one by one. But we never change when we realize our friends already has family and also children. Don’t panic! Don’t be stress if we still SINGLE.

Single is not the end world. It depend on us how to see our status. Single between married friends, we can see the high different between status single and married. But don’t be ashamed with that status. You should get fun with that status. Because, life is still long way to be so stress about your status as SINGLE. You can enjoy with other ways.

Don’t be sad and feel your world end because you are still Single. Just Do 7 options to make you more happy with your status Single then your status friends as married people:

7. Single is mean Freedom

Are you Single? Are you happy being single between your married friends? If you say YES. You don’t need to read this article again. But, if you say You are not happy with your status SINGLE. Then, keep continue to read this option which maybe will make you more happy because you are single.

Single is mean freedom. Freedom is mean you can do anything what you wanna to do. For example, when my friends (married friends) make appointment to hang out together. They should make schedule before meeting, plus so being busy before going out. But, that is making you feel so blessing because you are still Single and still has many opportunities as careers, friendship or community beyond your skills or hobby.

6. You have many to do then Married Friends
Some married friends always complain about their life can’t be freedom like before. To many activities and responsible then Single person. That is true, they have to think many times before making plan. Beside that, if they already has child. They always make their family more important then what they want to do or their pleasure. It is like they can’t hang out without see watch. The Single person, they can do what they want to do. For example hang out, making plan for adventure or backpacker alone, and many thing they want to do. This freedom just for the Single people, if they are married, event they can go to somewhere but they mind still think about their families, including their children at home or if they bring them to grandmother’s house.

5. Skill Invest

Do you still have dreams? If yes, then why you don’t make it real. Catch your dream and make it real to make you more happy. What is your dream? For example, I have dream to be scenario writer, it is already long time ago but I still don’t make it real. This is time to make dream become real. So, try to take class how to be scenario writer or anything to improve your skills as your dreams or your passions. It is mean you already do skill invest for your future.

4. Focus on Your Career

photo: sutherlandshire
Adding your skills, it can make your career better. If you take class as your skill invest that is mean you can get promotion fast or less. It also depend on your skills and your passion to get good position to your job.

Because opportunity always come to the people who try as the best they can do. It is mean the result will more close then you can imagine.  For example, you are working as writer, if you add your skill as design or draw illustration. That is mean you can make your own illustration with your skills.  

If you are good passion to get extra money, then your new skill will make opportunity become your side jobs. It is like freelancer as illustration or you can sell your drawing on shop online, it is like ebay, etsy, or anything site. As long as you can manage your time and it will not disturb your office hours.

3. Continue your Study

You can do it! If your status is SINGLE, of course. Because single is mean you are free doing anything you like, including continue your study. Why not! If you can get more skill and knowledge and also Academic Title. It is good for your future either.

That is mean your academic title will be grow your career and it is mean you will get more money with good position. So, enjoy being single with use good quality time as best as you can do. Because single is mean you don’t have many rules and also responsible in your family or relationship between husband-child.

2. Hang out without Pressure
Status single is blessing! Why I said like that because you don’t need pressure before going out with friends, community or anything you want to meet someone. This is so different with marriage people, especially your friends. You will see they are so damn busy before going out. For example waiting baby sitter or take their kids to their parents house for hours. Sometimes, They must bring the kids or just get out of the house by using a  limit time. So, are you still jealous with friends  who are married?

1. Funds for the Future ( Investing money for the future)
The advantage still a single, we can do invest fund for future. Sometimes, it can’t do for  married people. Financial funds they will be divided for other purposes, such as children's education and so on. While still not a lot of dependents, no more income. Why only used for having fun, we can use it to invest funds for the future, such as saving or buying property in accordance with our financial capabilities.

See friends, do you still thinking Single is suck, I guess Single is not the end of WORLD so enjoy your life and being happy about your status. Your journey still long way to stuck in one direction which it will forever stuck.

Cheers being single and happy person

Citra Pandiangan


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