Reduced Neck Wrinkles Without Surgery

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Brief exercise Satisfactory Results

Do you know the issue which always facing women? That is true, the problems about beauty and health. This topic will never ending discussed for any women in the world. Moreover, with the condition of the body that was fatty. The neck is feeling more visible than doubled. With the sighting of the neck folds, it immediately apparent wrinkles on the neck. This condition will makes us feel not confidence (the confidence is lost).

It is often happened (experienced) by women who  men never understand about this. Plastic Surgery? It will never happened to some  women. There is actually a mild exercises we can do to reduce wrinkles on the neck?

Exercise? Going to the gym? Do not have time because of busy. Various reasons that make sense for those who live in urban areas. "We live in urban areas, traffic jams. Which may be not free  go without getting stuck in traffic, " they complained.

Sstss, we love to give information about  the simple secret to make the neck is not very aesthetically wrinkles. By doing some light movement. This activity can be done at home or during the lunch breaks at the office. This is simple way and you also  do not need to leave the comfortable position of sitting in an office chair.

Let’s we try together so that wrinkles getting less in our neck. It is so good for me, you and them. They still appear confident plus a healthy of course.

Comfortable Sitting in The Chair
Sit with the position as comfortable as possible. O.K. After that, let us keep your back straight and second close your lips. Although comfortable position but should not be leaning. Sitting upright, O.K.

Set Breath

We already feel comfortable in a sitting position? Let’s continues further, we set the breath slowly. Then lower your head to the back with a view toward upward. as if we were looking at the sky, O.K (we could feel the neck as interested). Yup, it's true position. O.K Hold it! Then started counting to 10 counts.

Stick out your tongue

After counting to ten, this is what we must do. Return to the starting position. The position where the head forward as the starting position. Then, open our mouths, then (do not be shy : ) stick your tongue straight forward). Begin to count back to 10.  Sstss while doing this movement, Do not do  in front of  friends. Maybe, they will think you are trying to  mock them lol.

Navigate Tongue Down

O.K sorry indeed that movement to a matter of "stick your tongue". We must go back to do it again. After that we go back into the draw tongue. Before continue, let relax for a while. Then  stick your tongue back, but this time the point of the tongue to the bottom lip. Don’t be confused just position the tongue as if to touch the chin. Then  we count to 10 again.

Easy, right? Yups that is very easy to do, do not forget to breathe when completed. It is useful to provide relaxation on our tongues. Remember, Do this exercise  whenever we have time. At the time of these movements, we will feel the skins on the neck began to be interested. Do not believe? Try it, see for yourself and You will say I am right.

Note: Thanks for Metha who already help aunty become a model for this article but notice: her position when sit was wrong. It should steady

Cheers and keep beauty without surgery

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