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Drinking Chocolate with Real Chocolate


I love chocolate, Do you like chocolate? What kind of chocolate do you like? I love many kind of chocolate. Because chocolate is my favorite food. Is chocolate food? I don’t know either.  Sweet food is not the children only love to eat that but also adult. Because sweet food will bring the happiness and love. So, is impossible if someone rejected of taste the real chocolate because it will bring taste of “love” if that is original chocolate which delicious and healthy.  I can say, the original chocolate flavor  is delicious and healthy.

Indonesia also has many brand chocolate, even that is not famous like other country till the brand exist in the world. This time, I want to tell about special chocolate and it is not normal chocolate including magic chocolate. If you ever watch the movie about industry chocolate from.... (you can answer it by yourself).   This is kind of magic, but it is not magic because chocolate this one is very special. This chocolate is not for eating, but for drinking with original chocolate flavor sensation. 

Sure, I guess our readers in Kota Cinta curious want to know what brand of this chocolate. Let’s do it ups I mean let’s find out This is it, a cup of hot chocolate sensation chocolate is always tempting to drink  again ... again .... without realize it already empty. Why, because the chocolate drink so damn delicious. No need to longer for  know that chocolate brands I want to tell. 

The brand of Chocolate is Cadbury, because it is made from the original chocolate are packaged in sachets 3 in 1 which would be easier to make a glas of hot chocolate. It so damn delicious matchless. Whenever want original chocolate drink, the Cadbury is the best. Fortunately, the current weather in KoCin, it is winter. So, a cup of hot chocolate is always good and expected to serve. The smell when brewed, so delicious, durian (durian) just lost you know. Ups, durian is one of season food and many people in Indonesia love it and the smell of this fruit so strong and some don’t love it. I bet you are not asian people don’t know about this one.

I guess some  people who only know cadbury  as chocolate bars, it is no matter. Because indeed cocoa powder 3 in 1 cadbury's not all stores sell it. Somehow, I found it while holiday in Bali. That is new as I taste it. I was drinking delicious chocolate while on vacation to the city of Bali. When enjoying cup of hot chocolate Cadbury in wet conditions. I mean raining and getting wet clothes. So, it feels really really choco. Such as "eating" chocolate brown because the taste so yummy. Of course, for lovers chocolate, chocolate-flavored hot chocolate cadbury  flavor is perfect to be real.

Cadbury issued a Cadbury Hot Chocolate brand products in a practical form the sachet cadbury 3 in 1. How to make it very easy, just take it. Just open the sachet Cadbury, and brewed with hot water, shake for moment to dissolve the chocolate, sugar and milk in a cup. Then the last step and anticipated that drinking a cup of hot chocolate delights.  Beware, the taste of chocolate really tasted and drank a cup of cocoa with a weight of 30 gram sachet is tasteless less and want to drink it again and again ... that thrill given by Cadbury Hot Chocolate sachet.

Sstsss, I got the news from a neighboring town who said it could create brown fat. I do  not believe it, because it all depends on how each of eating chocolate as a food or beverage. Therefore, in the content of chocolate is actually good for the health  and also can make the heart chirpy. Therefore, chocolate is not only sweets but also can dispel stress by drinking a cup of hot cocoa. Readers of KocCin want to know the health benefits of chocolate, take a peek just in health article about benefit chocolate. 

Let's introduce the products and hopefully the readers also like cup of hot chocolate from Cadbury. Get Fresh with Hot Chocolate Cadbury.

Cadbury Chocolate Product Details

  • Product Name: 3 in 1 Cadbury Hot Chocolate Drink
  • Product Brand: Cadbury
  • Ingredients: sugar, creamer, cocoa powder, stabilizer (E466), salt and flavorings. Contains the remaining milk.

Description: Hot Chocolate Drink with original Cadbury chocolate taste (Hot Chocolate Drink with real Cadbury Hot Chocolate Flavor).

Let's drink a cup of hot chocolate because it will get rid of the bad mood. That is why I love chocolate and I never afraid to drink or eat them all.

#Quotes: Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate to restore lost spirit. Because the sweetness of chocolate gives new vigor. @citrapandiangan

#Quotes: Enjoyment chocolate in her drink, was fitted taken with loved ones. Because the sweetness of love as sweet as a glass dish of hot chocolate. @ 2travellife

Greeting spirit of chocolate taste

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