Jakarta More Ruthless From Step mom Brave

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Surrender Facing Life


I still remember about picture of life while I was working in the Capital City (metropolist), Jakarta. A spacious place, a place that gives a lot of opportunities for those who seriously intend to scavenge fortune in the metropolis. Jakarta is well known as a super busy, there is no difference between morning, afternoon and evening. Vehicles never deserted pass any existing line. Congestion is a part of arrogant life in Jakarta.

I still remember clearly, then, I just started working and coincidentally the night prayer (every Wednesday) at the church. Because, when it was not too long getting busway. So that I could attend the prayer. The return benighted, between the busway or ride public transportation. Because, the distance between where I prayed to the house was only a few kilos. If I  ride public transportation, I can be sure I 'll get a seat. If I choose the busway, besides waiting for a long time and possible I was not get very big bench.

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So I decided to ride public transportation. Sure enough at the red light intersection. I was traveling on public transportation stops, of course. Then , take a musician street. From the style already half drunk. Plus the unpleasant aroma. In the public transportation there was only me as a passenger. As usual, he asked for money. I refuse not to give it, because it was true, I did not have more money. You see, I've got a job.

"Give me money to eat , " said the man 's half- drunk .

" I don’t have money, I also have not eaten yet, " I said, "I'm just still looking for a job here."

"Come on, give me money, " he said half the force .

"There is no money.  I am still unemployed," I  said half- lied. Because it needs only be working, so it can not be paid. It was just the first day of work still hehehe.

The money was just enough to pay the public transportation. He was very angry and breathed scented alcohol. Speechless was not polite. Fortunately, suddenly behind our public transportation stop, public transportation that many passengers. He immediately went grumbling and public transportation come behind us. Mr driver public transportation look at me, between horror and thankful. Fortunately not worsthappen to me. "This Jakarta, if you don’t give them. They like disrespectful." So said a pack of public transportation .

I just smiled, but actually I was very scared oath. But , I was currently does not have more money. I have to be very clever to manage finances before getting paid. The results of my hard work. Living in Jakarta was very loud. Various stories will satisfy everyone's diary between joy and sorrow, cruelty and happiness. Just how we as humans live on in the atrocities of the capital. Mama always said, "Jakarta is more cruel than a stepmother."

At first I just laughed at the words of the mother. The reason, I always never believe anything until I see it by myself. For me , my life alone is cruel. So plus cruelty "stepmother" does not hurt. Let, all running as the destiny of life will take me. Provided that one, I'm still on the right track, never give up. Whatever trials that come and go and gone. Sometimes leave empty spaces and empty heart, even pain and joy. But certainly , just to keep enjoy  life as the way life come to us. Because my pain is not their pain, including my happiness.


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