Enjoy Pisang Gapit (Banana pinchersin) at Kebun Sayur

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Best Holiday When Try the Traditional Culinary

When hunting souvenirs at East Kalimantan, why not make themselves enjoy special food at Balikpapan city namely Pisang Gapit (Banan pinchersin). A famous place to try this culinary snacks are located in Kebun Sayur. This is snack as dessert with banana will get bbq first then will get sweet sauce.

You can enjoy this culinary in  the area Kebun Sayur and located next to the Giant supermarket. The place is small but crowded incredible! Because this shop is famous for Pisang gapit menu. Many people from other islands when visit Balikpapan always try this dessert. You should try either and you will love to taste the sweet banana including the sweet sauce. (read: recipe pisang gapit original)

Banana clamp is made from bananas were a bit chewy and then burned, then cut into small pieces. After the banana doused with a special creamy sauce or custard made ​​from coconut milk and brown sugar. Typically, coupled with small pieces of jack fruit making it more pleasant in the meal. The price ranges from Rp 8.000,- (0.80 USD) per serving.

Since childhood, I love to eat Pisang Gapit after school time over. It is long time ago, when I want to enjoy this culinary as Pisang Gapit, I never go to Kebun Sayur because in my elementary school sell this menu. There are selling cheap Pisang Gapit. Bananas were burned, then get pinchers, before serving it will get cut into pieces. Then give sauce, then eat while still warm. It feels so yummy.. This is one of the culinary childhood still wanted to eat all the time while I can buy this dessert.

Sweetness bananas are perfect paired with savory and sweet custard flavor. Who try resist the temptation to eat snacks and do not make fat and healthy body. Because the content of bananas and brown sugar that is not harmful than white sugar. Want to try too? Let’s making it by yourself. I will give the recipe in the category recipe.

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