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Comfortable and Free Move


Long time ago, but I still remember clearly the first time I get a sign that I had become a teenage girl. For women,  she became teenage when she get her first PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome). That is a sign, she already teens. Although it is not known exactly when it will come. In the past, unlike today who freely discuss about PMS for teenagers, as a period. 

In my memory, I was a teenager, it still rarely disclosed or even a specific notification about PMS. So, the day came, when I get a red mark on the underwear (PMS, read). I shouted because of so damn fear. At that time, I just got home from school and go to the restroom to pee (urinate). I screamed and called  my mother. Mother panicked hear me scream. When I told  mother about what happened with my underwear. She was aughed and immediately gave me a bandage.

Initially I was confused how to wear pads, I could argue with sister on how to use the pads. I said the glue on the top to keep from falling. Sister said it was placed at the bottom. Because I don’t  believe it. I immediately called  mother. My mum said what was my sister told me that was true. But I was still  doubt. 
“Is it really part of the glue placed on the pants. What if later pad fell off and made ​​me embarrassed,” I said.

Apparently, did so using the correct pads. Although in the heart when it is still not accept defeat and then think, "That's true yes, how to try if the glue is over, definitely take it off is very difficult and painful." Understandably, I was  still immature about this one. LoL : )

Speaking of pads, used in the era I was a teenager there were only a handful of brands with the same quality. Very far behind now, first, I often feel embarrassed when PMS comes, because I'm the kind of person who often leak through to the school skirt. Can you imagine, how embarrassment plus discomfort.

Even though I did wear it double pads and it still run away hehe. Then, here the result sometimes leaked ahead, sometimes behind the leak. Unpredictable. Now, it will never happened. Not anymore, going to bed, going upside down, it's like when a true friend came over. Worry will leak no longer had. Why, because now diverse selection of dressings, thickness, wings or no wings, as well as length and width are all provided according to need.

I became more confident in their daily activities and bye bye discomfort and insecure when you're coming PMS.

Choosing the best
Now these diverse brands of pads lined at the store even on supermarket shelves. Number of options sometimes make consumers more confused in determining which products are best.  I do, it is definitely better to entrust my choice on the best product with the size and shape that fits my needs and be a true friend.
I chose .... why ? Because I feel a sense of comfort when using the pads on this one. The size is a long cover my underwear. So that the fear of penetrating the front and rear no more. Not only that, feeling comfortable when using it because the adhesive strength of the wing (wing) makes me feel free to move and do not wear pads will get trouble . It's a fun thing, am I right?

Besides the pad is also comfortable and quickly absorbed the blood flowing out. Especially needed is not for women who are active or who are forced to sit for hours in front of computer. A sense of comfort and security when PMS is urgently needed. What do you like pads that look like? The standard model, thin, thick, long, short, winged or wingless or something else ? Whatever it is provided that you feel comfortable why not .

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Greetings sense of comfort for yourself

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