7 Real things You will find at Jakarta in The Morning Time

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Good Morning Jakarta and See The Different Ways

 Open your eyes to see something different which sometimes you skip it when you wake up in early morning. Then you will feel blessing you are not into them...... @Citrapandiangan

Jakarta is one of the biggest city in Indonesia. Many people want to move to Jakarta. They are trying to find luck in the big city, including me. I  ever went to Jakarta on year 2013. Jakarta is new thing for me, in that time. As new residents of the capital, I am imagining beautiful things and fun only, of course. The amazing Jakarta. Understandably, the last few years I lived in the islands. Even though I was born and raised in the Balikpapan city. Then continued my education in Yogyakarta. After graduating from college, I worked in the arid cities (Tanah merah Batam). Because  Batam land is red. Then, I moved to  small island called #kotagurindam Tanjungpinang.

 I was happy at first as a human, of course. New place that was mean new adventure, new life with new activities. In fact , Jakarta is far from what I was imagined. After observing life in Jakarta, I find some  real thing in Jakarta. That is truth,  Jakarta is hard life, especially in the morning. When all activities centered on one direction as an activity. That is centered between work and school. For those people who always pay attention to little things, they would not be surprised by this article I will tell you about real life in the morning at Jakarta. Hopefully this information is useful and makes us to be careful . O.k. It is based on what I see every morning in Jakarta .

7. Bus 213 Walk Sideways
photo: antaranews.com
Wake up in the morning, looking for public transport to take us to work. Indeed it is not easy to do in the morning in Jakarta. By calculating the number of city transport is not proportional to the number of passengers. As a result, the bus can walk sideways in the morning because of  fullness  passengers. They are inevitably keep forcing yourself ride the bus. The passengers do not want to be late to go to office. Because, there are several companies which implement agreements pay cut if you comes  late to office. One of the unique scenery in the morning which I always  see about this one. The city bus with number 213. Each bus is passing in front of the busway station where I am looking forward to the busway. Bus 213 is always never empty of passengers. Because there is no place to sit, a few passengers stand and still kenek (the local people said for the assiten to a dirver) always keep raise new passengers. So that is not surprisingly, if this bus goes awry because it is full  passengers. If I can  say about this case. I said  this bus is overloaded. This bus 213 direction passed the central city until downtown to Grogol? If I'm not mistaken about this direction bus number 213.

I am so lucky, I have  a friend who she always  use  bus number 213. Finally, I try to ask how conditions in the bus at the time. My friend size is  not high. So she can not reach the iron pole inside the bus. We are so lucky born as women. Because woman  always had a sense of securing themselves. So she uses a rope ID Card employees as a barrier to keep her from falling. When the bus stopped suddenly. She also tells how the establishment must be to the side. Bus coridor is small,  it is not only made ​​a single line, but two lines. You can imagine how crowded, cramped, and the heat was on transit as it is.  So, do not be surprised when we saw the bus with the number 213 was able to walk sideways because the passenger load is not comparable with the other passengers.

6. Busway  arrive late and always full
It is no secret anymore, if busway is always late and  full of passengers. Particularly the  schedule in the morning and afternoon for  busway. Where hours more passengers in the morning because they all went to work. Just imagine, I've been waiting on the busway station from 6:20 pm until 7:20 busway is not come. In fact, the office hours is 0830. so when busway stop in the bus stop but full of passenger   but we could not get into the bus way. Although forced myself to go in and getting met from the officer. Because, if we wait for another bus way, it will chances,  we're not going to be able to bus way in time to arrive at the office on time.

Especially,  The passengers of bus way is like  monster  in the morning. For example scramble entrance, pushing and shoving each other, grumpy, selfish, and there are still many things that can cause bad mood in the morning. Because BUS WAY. Bus way always  crowded and full with a lot of problem, but if it is full and does not fit the schedule of arrival. In trouble to go to the office.

5. Passengers who pretends to sleep
photo: photo.liputan6.com
When you are one of “members” busway in early morning. You will find many actress who do action, lol. I bet, No one who does not want to enjoy atmosphere in the morning. Especially if you travel very far, getting the bench is the most beautiful blessing. Jakarta jammed so tired of sitting tasteless. Action passengers who pretended to be asleep while using the ear phone. When officers asked for bench for priority seat busway for parents (old woman or man), pregnant women and mothers who take a child. No passenger wants to budge or give their seats to passengers priority. They were ready with their style. Until officers woke one of the passengers near the exit door to stand up and hand over the passenger seat to the old lady.

Do not believe? Prove yourself. There used to be news about one of the passengers who resent pregnant passenger. Till said in Social Media and got excited from many people (citizien) and ends with apology because them behavior.

4. occasion or thief  pickpocket in action
Full of passengers means the chance of malicious. Often occurs thief and pickpockets. If the daily log can be many times people lose valuables  stuff as wallet, cell phone. Ouch, carefully carry luggage to keep your stuff in the right places. While riding public transportation filled with passengers. Because we never know who is on our side, good people or bad people.

3. Sitting on the stairs near the driver if possible to be able to sit
If bus way still in the form of a long, sometimes because of fatigue. Choosing discolor clothes on the buttocks by sitting on the stairs near the bus way driver. Another alternative is that the body is not tired and not too crowded while standing among other passengers.

2. Standing while sleeping because the eyes are still sleepy
It is my style really, because I am still so damn sleepy. Everyday I woke up around 4.30 am and sleep around 11.00 pm, so my body still need sleep. So, if I don’t get seat, I am still close my eyes and sleep for awhile. It also many people do while they are stand and sleeping due to heavy sleepy eyes. Provided in a safe position and also keep protect your bag  from the evil intentions, O.K. It is also widely performed and bus way rail passengers who do not get the bench.

1. Male nasty opportunity to close with the ladies
photo: jabar.tribunnews.com
Once there was a man who almost disrespectful. Fortunately I was very brave, so immediately rebuked. Embarrassed, the perpetrator said it because no space or because the driver stop  suddenly or driving too fast, so it excused without accident. So that he could not keep his balance. See, many motives and reasons for bus way passengers to act disrespectful among the passengers standing . Moreover, while still morning, still sleepy sometimes also less aware, we are not certainly against around .

Greeting safely and reality life

Citra Pandiangan



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