Tips : Choosing Lingerie for Woman

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How to Choose Underwear

Intro: Although we (women) look like don’t care about lingerie, specially underwear, in fact many women are concerned about the fashion, that is including underwear such as panties. The underwear is not performed because it only in their personal use. Many underwear model would be a separate option for women. Moreover, women who care about their appearance.

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Choosing lingerie, such as underwear (panties) should not only pay attention to the motives, and  also model which design as funny and cool. However, it also needs to consider whether the material panties should good for health. Therefore, convenience in using panties will make an appearance celebrants themselves and also healthy, of course.

The tip is currently specific to women only this time, use underwear, such as briefs seem simple, right.  But we should know the simple thing of underwear should get attention either. Why is it so important for men and women using underwear? Therefore, the CD is very useful to protect our sex organs that are not susceptible to infection.

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Now, choose materials underwear is good and right, namely cotton. Apart from the cotton fabric is very comfortable to wear and also good for health. It is no secret, highly absorbent cotton sweat. When viewed in terms of models  are mostly underwear in cotton is very far from being fashionable and trendy in this time. However, cotton underwear is much useful for us in terms of health. Because the risk of skin rashes to fungal infections are very thin, compared to other CD materials.

The quality of materials from cotton cloth unquestionable. Because this material is excellent at absorbing sweat and highly recommended when choosing clothes in both men and women to choose a CD of materials made ​​of cotton

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Although many models underwear, we are obliged to avoid using the CD models Thong or   G-String. Indeed, in terms of appearance, underwear models G-String is perfect when using tight pants or skirt. Because it will not leave a line underwear makes appearances so less than the maximum. It can make women feel a lack of confidence, when clothed O.K, fashionable, but the shadow knickers visible! G-String is used to eliminate the appearance of lines on the back of the underwear.

Then, Should us  not allowed or use  wear as a G-string style underwear’s? No, of course we can use it. It is okay, just not in use for everyday life, including when we do sport or an exercising. Please don’t wear underwear as G-String or Thong. DOCTOR IS NOT RECOMMENDED! It’s any reason about it. When, we wear underwear G-String models for a long time or often, and even when you're exercising. Leather thong strap will rub follow our movements. The cause of the friction between the rope and the skin can lead to bladder infections and even in parts of the vagina can be infected with the bacteria.

Underwear as style G - String indeed been many modern woman who cares about her appearance. Because, the appearance will boost confidence. However, do not use G - String every day, because it is very dangerous for health. Therefore, the bacteria will easily fit into a vital tool. So choose where healthy or cool?

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Sstssss is not a secret anymore, a model thong or G - string is right at the back of the strap-shaped only, if its frequency of wear underwear like this is not very good. Because it can cause bacteria such as E. coli on the back can move to the front or we can say on vagina easely. One day, we will talk more about E.Coli   bactery. Just for little info about E. coli bacteria can cause an infection in the bladder. That is why, its better when using a underwear style G -String is not used every day. Hopefully brief info tips on choosing the underwear is useful for you all.

Greetings healthy and careful in choosing underwear

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