Nori adventures in the City of Love

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I am Nory and I will company you here

Hi may I introduced myself, my name is Nori. That nickname papa and mama, actually my real name is Nobela Rhiani. The reason  papa called me Nobela, because papa ambition to get a Nobel Prize, but until my ages alread 7 years old. Desire papa was like a dream.

Papa says mama left us as because the sea took mama  when I was 4 years old. I do not remember exactly, but it was when I was four years old. I always get an idea of ​​the beauty of the sea, but I never thought the sea took my mama. Actually, is not a marine who killed my mama, but cancer. I do not know what the disease was, when I was a kid. Now I know that cancer is a terrible sick when it entered stage four. Mama never want breathed her last in the hospital, but at sea. Because of that, papa concluded that the sea takes the mama soul.

Event Papa said like that, is not mean  papa and I hate the ocean. You know, we were happy adventure at sea each summer. Because early summer is a mama's birthday. Papa says, we do not need to celebrate death but birth. Mum Birth brought me into this world. That should thanksfull. That is what papa said to me, so every  mama birth  is definite that we will celebrate the birthday of the sea. The way our celebrate it as put mama photo at the sea. This way as we were  always remember about mama. Our story begins in the summer that the seven years of my age.

Actually, my nick name was Nori. Papa always love to call me like that.  I like that name.  Because Nori like japanese name. You see, I loved to read comic books both about the fairy tale princess, fable and many things. So I used to spend a lot of time reading than watching television.

Nori adventure will always be present and company you guys, as long as a friend has always been here at the beginning of the month or middle month. Because Nori adventure story will always be present, you know, and definitely exciting and interesting. Really like a fairy tale. Although I lived with papa, that does not mean my life is very boring and depressing. Because, there is just a funny incident and I have really had to keep papa well.

Moreover, every yea, I always get interesting letter from mama. That's why I was always cheerful and not be sad. Mama said life was too short to mope spent alone, so enjoy life while you can and while still a child. Because it is children who make the world colored by age  and wise at the start of the age of the children. Having said that, I was a daughter to be proud papa when it comes to fry an egg. You see, if papa is frying eggs for breakfast. A taste of the eggs is too dry chips. Such artificial eggs when papa made the eggs. Although sometimes I am jealous with my friends  who have a mama. Because it's a friend, when you still have your  parents appreciating them. Do not make them grieve with our behavior patterns. I'm not pretentious adult or teach you, but that's what I felt.

In the city of love that first exciting adventure will begin, continue to refer ok my friend.
 Nori –

friendly greetings from the City of Love in the world of children's stories first special edition


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