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Pororo Series Film Review

Education for children from an early age is very important, even children's movies should also be an element of education. However, the selected movie is not expected to make children feel bored. The number of animated films for children as parents wisely select it first. Lately, I love to watch children cartoon to imagination story for kids. Finally , Family KoCin get the movie reference serial child deserves to be shown to children.

Pororo Movie For Kids
The film series Pororo the Little Penguin is actually very short and is suitable for children aged around 1.5 years. Cartoon movie Pororo The Little Penguin is one of the animated series children from Korea. The film is very pleasant both in terms of story, and animations that display very modern with a limited social circle and tucked educational and moral messages implicitly.

This film is intended for children of early age. Because when predict some of the stories in the movie Pororo is indeed the language is very light and easy to understand by children, plus any character in this film has distinctive features and sounds. That introduce each character in the animated film. It is certain the message delivered every episode is very interesting.

So is not surprisingly, many other countries that glanced Pororo animated film is to be screened in their country. Some countries that have   serving this serial movie of Pororo, The Little Penguin namely Spain, USA, Mexico and Indonesia. Therefore, the film is not a lot of the characters in the movie Pororo. The children were very fond of some of the selection of animals as a major star in this film which is Pororo penguin is funny; Krong is nosy dinosaur; Pobi is polar bears, he most expedient and not easily upset. Then there also has Eddy is a fox who he is clever. Sweetened with figures Lupi, an otter sweet and good at cooking. They were formed in the cast of characters of children.

So that a variety of problems ranging from friendship, honesty and more becoming an interesting series. Watching this movie Pororo many things can be learned by children indirectly. Now, members of KoCin, you are interested to show educational films which gives a moral message to children? Here's one of them, Serial Film Pororo, the Little Penguin. Family KoCin really liked the cartoon that brings both benefits and entertaining for children. In addition to the series fun movie, songs in the movie Pororo is also interesting to listen to. Memorable and enjoyable. Glad to be children present era. Because the first family KoCin children's films is very limited and that the best is the serial Unyil (one of film traditional series Indonesia).

Warm greetings from Family KoCin

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