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G-String The One of Modern Underwear

Having sister is wonderful, sometimes I feel like that. My sister is different then me. She always cares about fashion. I seldom care about fashionable. I always like wear clothes which it comfortable in my body and specially it will not get to much attention from men. My sister had worked in Chinna. The country which always product fashion with modern style, including the sexy underwear, dresses and so on.

The product fashion at Chinnes which export to another countries, including Indonesia. Long time ago, when I was still study at Yogyakarta. My sister sent me package which it contain of underwear and bra. I just know it when my sister called me from China. When the package arrived and I opened it. How surprise I was! She sent me G-String underwear. The first time I saw G-String, I felt so weird. How come the underwear so little fabric and back side just small line. I guess it less then one inch for the line. So weird underwear, how to used this underwear. That was what I was thinking around 2002 ago.

 In my mind, I guess my sister get wrong sent package. How she was can sent me the underwear style like this. In that time, I still no idea what it was name (style of underwear). I just know underwear with old fashion but have many motive on the fabric underwear. It which like cartoon, buble, etc.

I was teen and also has big wonderling about how to use this underwear (G-String). Then, in the silent, I was trying to wear it. That was new style in my life (2002). I did try it and I could not take it longer. It is only 5 minutes, I weared it. Do you want to know the reason?

Actually, it so embarrassing to tell you here. Because, some readers will be laugh me about this one. Perhaps will said I am so naive hahahaha. But, honestly, it feel uncomfortable. See, you are smiling when I say it. I bet you think I am so damn old fashion. That is true. It so damn uncomfortable. I feel something wrong in my butt when I wear this G-String. 

When I was trying to be “model who walked at catwalk” I feel more weird. Do you know, it like when you were wearing underwear with the wrong possition. How to explain in English... Mmmm I am not sure yet I can explain about  this one. Mostly, uncomfortable.....

Then I was thinking how people can wear G-String as their underwear? I asked my sister that question. She answered me like this. She feels so damn good and comfortable. When she walked, it was just normaly walking people. She did not feel something wrong in her butt (the middle of butt). I did understand because she loves to wear it. She had a lot of G-String underwear style. How about me? I just still love to wear the old model, comfortable and everyting under cover hahahaha.

Do you know, some of G-String and Thong underwear made with the little fabric, skin fabric, satin fabric. Surely you know that kind of G - String  or  thong underwear made of fabric, leather or satin to cover part of hip, where pass rear  butt and attached at the hip. As underwear, G -String often used to avoid the sighting of a panty line skirt

 G-String style as underwear is not new thing in this time. Do you want to know? The G-String already exist long time ago. I think, G-String just presented around 1990 years but it is already made since 1900 ago. Wow!!! Double WOW I guess. Based on Wikipedia,  G -string the first time wear only for the dancer girl.

In 1930, "Chicago G -String" became famous when worn artists like Margie Hart. The Chicago area is the home of some of the biggest G - string. Wow,  You definitely know better than me? Even I was amazed, you know, apparently G -String is not only for lingerie but also men. Emmmm, I am sorry, if I  imagine  it so funny when men wear G - String hehe. Do you curious want to know how man look when he uses G - String, I can’t show the picture on here ( blog) but If you are serious want to know. Here it is the link, please visit Mensuas at

Do you wonder how to feel wear G-String? You can try to use it and you will know how it feel when wearing it. Many store already sell the G-String underwear in some of underwear shops in Indonesia.  Then tell me, how do you feel : ) In this time Fashion is very important for the people who love to get attractive and pretty.


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