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Kota Cinta website present to give the readers good and useful information. The owner know in this time many website or blog from local, national, and also international which  website discuss about many information, including experiences. Kota Cinta website also want to  be one of website which happy to give information to readers who search many information about experience and anything to read to kill the time either to give you knowladge or just relaxing in your break time. Kota Cinta Website will try to give the best to readers who need some information.

What is about the articles will fill in this kotacinta webiste? Based on the plan, this website will update everyday but as a human also being busy with life and activities. So, The owner decided to update this website start on September 2016 every on Tuesday and Friday. Then the visitors (readers) who want to read the articles on this website will not feel dissapointed when come here everyday but still not update yet.

Although like that, that is not mean kotacinta website just update two times in a week. This website also can be update based on information, challange which it good to fill this website and also interest information to shared as contest blog, review product who ask to review the product to fill on the KotaCinta website. The owner this website always wish to give good information with the different color and style. Even the owner of the Kotacinta website still newbie on this blog world.

For the contain of the website is about

1 Holiday Time
-          Adventure
-          Experience and Memories (Jelajah waktu)
-          Itinerary
-          Short Info

2 Yummy Culinary
-          Place to eat
-          Recipe
-          Experiment

3 Simple Review
-          Hotel
-          Products
-          Book & Movies

4 The Article
-          Beauty and Fashion
-          Health
-          Family

5 Advertorial

6 Welcome Words
-          About Me
-          About Blog
-          Contact
-          Job offer

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7  Telling Story
-          Kids story
-          Anything


Citra Pandiangan
The Owner of Kotacinta webiste


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